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Indeed, this is the A-Major Music Karaoke information page

A-Major Music Karaoke Series’ (AMM)

Firstly, A-Major Music Karaoke Group has links to many different karaoke labels as we shall see below. However, in effect, they are separate companies.

Clearly, once you see the links below, you will see many karaoke labels that are familiar. In brief, the following information comes from a few different karaoke jockeys and they seem consistent.

A-Major Music Karaoke - AMM001 - CD+G Label - Toby Keith
In fact, this is the only disc we know to exist from the parent label A-Major Music:
AM001 – Indeed this is a Toby Keith karaoke disc.

In effect, the A-Major Music is responsible for many karaoke labels including:

Click the links

A-Major Music Karaoke - Pokemon type character singing
Obviously, by clicking the links above, you will see all the karaoke disc ID numbers. Indeed, you will also see all the songs from those karaoke discs. Also, you can download the karaoke song book for those companies. Even though all have the same parent company, they all have their own unique identity.

Full reviews of those or indeed any karaoke label will always be welcome here at Karaoke Shack. So, all you need to do is register and make your comments.

Generally speaking, please try and help future karaoke disc collectors with your opinions about the quality of these karaoke labels.

Also, please try and keep comments on the appropriate karaoke disc label. However, comments on this page about the above karaoke labels will always be welcome.

In case you haven’t yet joined the Karaoke Forums, please do so and have your say on all karaoke matters. Although the forums are mostly about karaoke, we do have categories for all. Obviously, this includes all music subjects and off topic items.

Rating System Also Included

Indeed, the Karaoke Shack has a built in rating system. With this in mind, you may rate the individual karaoke labels. Obviously, comments are a better way of telling others what the discs are like.

However, at the push of a button, anyone can rate the karaoke labels using the star rating system. Of course, all those listed above have their own rating button. Moreover, all the independent karaoke labels in our karaoke directory have a rating button.

A-Major Music Karaoke - female singer silhouette
Finally, if you have any additional information about the A-Major Music Karaoke Company, let us all know here.

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