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Indeed, this is the All Country Karaoke reviews page

To begin with, the All Country Karaoke collection consists of seven discs. Obviously, they are what they are, pure country karaoke. Moreover, the label is not producing now.

So, it should be possible to get hold of these discs cheaply. Obviously, that’s when they pop up from time to time online. In effect, the auction sites are the best place to look for these discs.

All Country Karaoke - AC06 - Label - karaoke song books

A while back, we asked people to send in their lists to enable us to compile an effective karaoke catalogue. In the first place, this label was easy to manage with so few discs. However, we have the list of discs and a song book to accompany it.

All Country Karaoke (Komoto Music) (AC)

In brief, thanks to an old forum member who supplied the list that appeared in his karaoke song book:

All Country Karaoke - AC02 - CD+G Front
All Country Karaoke - AC05 - Front - karaoke song books
All Country Karaoke - AC07 - Front

To Sum Up

A complete collection of karaoke discs from the same company is obviously the aim of many collectors. However, are they worth pursuing? For example, what is the music quality like? Also, do the on-screen lyrics match the beat of the music. As well as that, would you recommend these discs to karaoke disc collectors?

You can comment on this series or any other series on the Karaoke Shack of course. You can also talk about them in the Karaoke Forum. As a matter of fact, we have all the subject matters covered including all karaoke and music. By the same token, we do have an off topic area for all. Of course, all input and feedback will help many karaoke collectors.

All Country Music Song Book Also

Compiling the lists for this karaoke label was easy. In fact, with no new karaoke coming from the firm, the lists will not change. Obviously, with such a small collection like this, they may come up for sale as one lot. So, good karaoke hunting if you decide that you want them. In short, click the link below to inspect the All Country Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

Finally, the parent company is A-Major Music. So, All Country Karaoke has a link to the following labels:

Big Country Karaoke(BCY)
Big Hitz Karaoke (BH)
Karaoke Kurrents (KK)
KJ Tools Karaoke
Radio Starz Karaoke (RSZ)
Single Artist Karaoke Series (SAK)
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