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Indeed, here is the American Karaoke Supply reviews page

To begin with, the American Karaoke Supply is a small label with a 4 disc catalogue. Moreover, each one of these discs is artist specific. Obviously, we list those below.

This karaoke label seems to be rare indeed. In fact, only one member gave us the information on this page. However, there is a list of discs below. Also, we have a song list to accompany those discs.

American Karaoke Supply - AKS10003 - Label - Fireflies

To clarify, the following list shows the four available discs in the American Karaoke Supply series:


There are indeed, two discs by Gretchen Wilson. Then there are two separate discs by Big & Rich and Faith Hill. Therefore, all these karaoke discs are of country music.

American Karaoke Supply - AKS10001 - Front - Here For The Party - Gretchen Wilson
American Karaoke Supply - AKS10003 - Front - Fireflies - Faith Hill
American Karaoke Supply - AKS10004 - Front - Jacked Up - Gretchen Wilson

To Sum Up

Since, more information about these karaoke discs was not too forthcoming, further information is necessary. This is because we only had one small communication on this subject. So, if you have these discs, let us know. In essence, tell us about the quality of the audio and graphics. Also, whether you would recommend this series others.

We appreciate these discs are rare, but we are sure that they will make an appearance on the odd occasion. With this in mind, do your bit by sharing your experiences in the form of a small review below. Obviously, if you have these discs, all information you can supply is welcome.

Registration to the Karaoke Shack is free, so join in today and leave a comment or two. In fact, we also have a forum where anything goes.

American Karaoke Supply Song Book Also

Indeed, we have a song book for the American Karaoke Supply series. But, as with all the karaoke song books on the Shack, this is on the next page. Obviously, we do this to allow pages to speed up quicker. In brief, click the link below to access the American Karaoke Supply song book.

View The Song Book

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