Atoy Karaoke Song Book

Atoy Karaoke Song Book at the Shack - full track list - disc identities - downloads homemade

Indeed, this is the Atoy Karaoke Song Book from The Shack


Atoy Karaoke Song Book

To begin with, Atoy Karaoke produces music from home. Indeed, the karaoke tracks from Atoy are usually the songs that the big commercial companies forgot about. With this in mind, hats off to Atoy. However, up to this time, we have never seen any Atoys for sale at any time. So, obviously more information is necessary here.

Read this song list together with the Atoy disc identity and reviews page. This is because, up to now, we have no idea where to buy these discs. Indeed, we believe that because of a licensing thing, they are not for sale now. Obviously, if anyone can add any information about Atoys Karaoke, leave a comment or two. Indeed, a small review of the Atoy Karaoke series will help everyone looking for alternative karaoke

This Atoy Karaoke Song Book also came from a previous member who is no longer in touch. So, all other information is welcome. Indeed, we supply this Atoy Karaoke Song Book in good faith.

Finally, join the karaoke shack forum and open a thread about Atoy Karaoke. Indeed, the forum is open to anyone, not just karaoke enthusiasts!

atoy song book - karaoke shack downloads - custom made

Atoy Karaoke produces some decent tracks

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