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Backstage Karaoke Series

Firstly, Backstage karaoke discs are a bit of a collectors item nowadays. Indeed, they did produce some decent karaoke tracks according to our feedback. But, never given too much credit in the karaoke world.

Furthermore, Backstage Karaoke was an arm of Nutech karaoke.  Indeed, Backstage did rely on many Nutech karaoke tracks to fill up their discs sometimes. There are also a few Hot Line Karaoke discs available which are basically Backstage clones.

Backstage Karaoke BS8017 - Label - Queen Hits
So, if you have the Backstage, you may want to give the Hot Line a miss if finances are short. Likewise, the Sound Images Karaoke discs and the Standing Ovation Karaoke discs are Backstage clones too.

With this in mind, more research is necessary to ensure karaoke collectors do not duplicate their collections. For this reason, we welcome more input on this subject. However, we have listed some of the AKA discs next to the main ID’s. In other words, BS6617 is AKA SO208.

In general, as far as collecting karaoke discs goes, the Backstage series are very cheap to buy. For example, on ebay, we saw individual Backstage discs going for £2.50 post free ($3.20 US) ($4.10 Aus).

In effect, with around eighty four discs that exit, Backstage Karaoke has done really well. Just to point out, the disc ID’s mainly end in the number 17. However, with only 4 numbers, this is not a problem. But, it can make them slightly confusing when working with them.

To clarify, here are the full collection of disc ID numbers for this series:

Backstage Karaoke BS6917 - Front - Steve Miller
Backstage Karaoke BS7017 - Front - Roy Orbison
Backstage Karaoke BS7517 - Front - Foreigner



BS2717 AKA BS0100 & HSC01
BS2817 AKA BS0101 & HSC02
BS2917 AKA BS0102 & HSC03
BS3017 AKA BS0103 & HSC04
BS3117 AKA BS0104 & HSC05
BS3217 AKA BS0105 & HSC06
BS3317 AKA BS0106 & HSP01
BS3417 AKA BS0107 & HSP02
BS3517 AKA BS0108 & HSP03
BS3617 AKA BS0109 & HSP04
BS3717 AKA BS0110 & HSP05
BS3817 AKA PH13
BS3917 AKA PH14



BS4017 AKA PH04
BS4117 AKA PH10
BS4217 AKA PH12 & NT009
BS4317 AKA PH03
BS4417 AKA PH08
BS4517 AKA PH01
BS4617 AKA PH06
BS4817 AKA PH07
BS4917 AKA PH09
BS5017 AKA PH02
BS5117 AKA PH05
BS5217 AKA HL503
BS5317 AKA SO209
BS5417 AKA SO207
BS5517 AKA SO203
BS5717 AKA HL04
BS5817 AKA HL06
BS5917 AKA HL01



BS6017 AKA HL03
BS6317 **
BS6417 **
BS6617 AKA SO208
BS6717 AKA SO204
BS6817 AKA SI-102
BS6917 AKA SI-107
BS7017 AKA SO205
BS7117 AKA SO201
BS7217 AKA SO200
BS7317 AKA SI-105
BS7417 AKA SI-104
BS7517 AKA SI-108
BS7617 AKA SO206
BS7717 AKA SO202
BS7817 AKA SI-101
BS7917 AKA SI-103



BS9817 AKA HL07
BS9917 AKA HL02

** There is also a ‘B’ version.

Backstage Karaoke BS7817 - Front - Chicago
Backstage Karaoke BS8517 - Front - Beach Boys
Backstage Karaoke BS8617 - Front - Phil Collins

To Sum Up

Because this collection is available pretty cheap on the second-hand market, beginners may like to seek out. As with anything else though, beware of fakes and discs with deep scratches. Obviously, karaoke discs that have not had enough care do become a problem.

Surprisingly, some karaoke Jockeys write the Backstage as Back Stage Karaoke, which as far as we know, is not correct. Of course this could be open to debate! With this in mind, join the forum and open a thread up.

Backstage Karaoke BS8717 - Front - Bee Gees
So, should you wish to write a review of these Karaoke discs, please register. Then you can let us know your opinions as to the quality of the audio. Also, what are the on-screen graphics like?

Furthermore, do you think you would recommend these Backstage Karaoke discs to other collectors? Indeed, by making a few comments, you are helping others to decide if this karaoke series is for them.

Backstage Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously, a list of disc identities is hardly going to help with your decisions to buy. With this in mind, we have a song book that accompanies the list of discs above. Indeed, this is on the next page. Furthermore, readers will see that the Backstage Karaoke discs have songs made famous by all the leading artists.

In fact, the Backstage Karaoke song book is full to the brim with many popular songs. But, once again, we give a shout out for comments on this series. This is because the team here at the Karaoke Shack remain unbiased at all times. Obviously, click the link below to inspect the Backstage Karaoke song list.

View The Song Book

Finally, remember to watch out for the cloned discs on the other labels.

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