BCI Eclipse Karaoke Song Book

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Indeed, this is the BCI Eclipse Karaoke Song Book from The Shack


BCI Eclipse Karaoke Song Book

Firstly, read this BCI Eclipse Karaoke Song Book download page in conjunction with the main BCI Eclipse reviews page. Obviously there, we list all the individual disc identity numbers too. However, should this karaoke series appeal to you, go ahead and buy them. Moreover, if you do, let us know.

As previously noted on the reviews page, karaoke jockeys list one series differently. Some indeed list it as BC8xx and some use BC60xxx. Indeed, we chose to use the BC8xx prefix as most karaoke jockeys do.

In effect, cataloguing this BCI Eclipse series was a pain. But, over time we put together a comprehensive list for your convenience. Since, BCI Eclipse does not make karaoke now, the lists will only change, should ‘missing’ discs turn up. We say ‘missing’ because the list of karaoke discs on the BCI main page has gaps. At this point, we cannot say if those are intentional. With this in mind, should users have a disc not on our list, let us know. Obviously, include a song list and an image of the covers where possible.

The BCI Eclipse put out many karaoke discs indeed. However, the discs do not have a strong sequence. So, karaoke collectors will need to tick each one off their shopping list as they buy them.

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