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Indeed, this is the Best Of Karaoke Series reviews page at The Shack

Best Of Karaoke Series

In the first place, the Best Of Karaoke Series is from the Karaoke Kurrents label. But, this only came to light after we made this page. However, we decided to leave a page here to inform people.

Indeed, like us originally, there are those who think the Best Of Karaoke is an independent label. When, in fact, the labels are basically showing best of a particular year. In this case, years 2009 and 2010.

Best of Karaoke 2009 singles back

With the above information in mind, all the details below is also on the Karaoke Kurrents pages.  So is the song list for this series.

In effect, Karaoke Kurrents gave us eight discs in this Best Of Karaoke series. However, they only made four karaoke discs in each of those years.

Best of Karaoke 2010 karaoke label
To put together a disc identity list, we gave as shout for the more unknown karaoke discs. In return, we got back one song book with these discs in there. So, we list these in good faith as we have not got much more to go on. However, we did manage to get some images of the actual labels. Indeed, those show the connection with Karaoke Kurrents. Hence, the almost abandonment of this page.

In brief, eight discs exits and here they are:


To Sum Up

The best place to start looking for the Best Of series is the internet, then car boot sales etc. But, with only eight karaoke discs in this series, they will be very hard to find. In fact, because their name is generic, searching for them is difficult. For example, on our search, ‘Best Of Karaoke’ there was no trace of these discs whatsoever – nothing. However, add 2009 and 2010 and results are more encouraging. Furthermore, add ‘Kurrents’ to the search and you do find them.
Best of Karaoke 2009 vol 4

If you have them and want to sell them – you can also use our free advert section. You will need to register there also. But, you can use a different name if you like as it is open to anyone. Indeed, you may also use the forum for sales too, within reason.

We find that there are always karaoke discs for sale all over the internet, especially on ebay or Amazon. However, finding these discs will be like looking for a needle in a haystack unless you adjust your key search words.

Best of Karaoke could be connected to Singer's Solution Karaoke - here are the disc id numbers

Song Book

Obviously, readers wishing to inspect the song list should for this series visit the Karaoke Kurrents page first. Indeed, the tracks from them are all on the Karaoke Kurrents song book.

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