BEST Karaoke Series

Here at Karaoke Shack we bring karaoke disc ID numbers for cross reference - this is the BEST Karaoke Series

Indeed, this is the Best Karaoke Series from The Shack

BEST Karaoke Series

To begin with, here we have a collection of karaoke with their own label – the BEST Karaoke Series. However, only the seasoned karaoke disc collector may go for these discs. This is because, we suspect many of them, if not all, are clones from another karaoke label. However, we need more information about this.

Indeed, we understand that the BEST Karaoke label is part of the All Star Karaoke (ASK) group. Because of this, we list the discs below complete with their AKA numbers.

Best Karaoke - fake logom from the team

Firstly, we gave a shout for information about this BEST series. As a result, we got some lists back in return. However, while some discs in the list have AKA numbers, some don’t. Therefore, while some discs are identical to some from the All Star discs, some are not.

With this in mind, those who are saving All Star Karaoke discs might be better off avoiding this label. However, check the attached BEST series song book and see if there are tracks you might need. Indeed, you may come across a unique track!

To clarify, we have a list of the karaoke discs in this BEST Series:

BEST01 AKA ASK6001-1+2
BEST02 AKA ASK6001-3+4
BEST1001 aka ASK1001 aka ASK12004-1
BEST1005 aka ASK1005 aka ASK12004-3
BEST1526 AKA ASK1526
BEST1544 AKA ASK1544
BEST6001 AKA ASK6001
Best Karaoke BEST1002 CD+G Covers
Best Karaoke BEST1005 CD+G Covers
Best Karaoke BEST1529 CDG Covers

To Sum Up

Best Karaoke from All Star Karaoke

All in all, we need more information as to the quality of the discs. Indeed, we feel it necessary to gain more information about the link between the All Star and BEST Karaoke.

Obviously, we need some further information to confirm things. So, has this BEST karaoke label any songs that are unique to them? Moreover, if this is the case, then it changes things slightly!

Indeed, is there a karaoke release elsewhere under different disc ID numbers?

If you have any of these discs and can help future karaoke disc collectors, then please consider writing a review. Firstly, tell us about your experiences with the discs. Secondly, tell us what you think of them. Thirdly, possible clues as to who may be selling these discs.

Obviously until then, we recommend combing Amazon and ebay for the second-hand versions. After all, this manufacturer doesn’t make karaoke now.

Best Karaoke BEST40-1 CDG Label

One final point, their karaoke CD+G’s proudly state that they will play on both karaoke machines and computers. It also goes on to say play with Windows Media Player on your PC. This has indeed baffled the Karaoke Shack team. This is because none of us have ever had a karaoke CDG play on a computer.

Song Book Also

Indeed, the above list of discs is no good without a song list. So, we have a song book which has all the tracks from these karaoke discs. However, this is on the next page. In short, click the link below to access the song book for this label.

View The Song Book

Finally, please consider registering with us and help pass on valuable information about karaoke. We also have a large Karaoke Forum which covers all subject matters and a general lounge to chill out in. Indeed, if you have one of these songs that you have recorded, post in there in our Showcase Forum.

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