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Indeed, here we have the Big Country Karaoke reviews page

Big Country Karaoke

Obviously, as the name suggests, this karaoke label concentrates on country karaoke music. In brief, there is massive competition in the country karaoke market. So what makes Big Country Karaoke worth chasing up?

Indeed, Big Country Karaoke no longer produce discs. However, they did make fourteen discs and the list is below. Of course, we also have a song book to accompany the list here.

Big Country Karaoke BCY003 - Label - song lists
So, a big thank you goes out to those who gave help in compiling these lists. Obviously, we are open to accept all other information about this karaoke label whatsoever.

To clarify, here is the list of the disc ID’s we know exist:

Big Country Karaoke - Willie Nelson
Big Country Karaoke BCY010 - song book downloads
Big Country Karaoke BCY013 - Label - CDG
Big Country Karaoke BCY014 - Shack song book downloads

To Sum Up

Of course, more feedback as to the quality of these discs is necessary. Indeed, what are the on screen graphics like? Also, do the lyrics match the original recordings and are they in sync? Moreover, with only 14 discs known to exist, they should be easy to pick up cheap on ebay etc. Obviously it will be a good investment should you like country karaoke and can find a bargain. The label of course is not producing any further karaoke discs.
Big Country Karaoke CD+G BCY009
In a word, should you wish to comment on these discs, register have your say. Just to point out that our team don’t say good or bad things about karaoke discs. However, that doesn’t stop members from stating their point of view.

Big Country Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously, we have a song book to accompany the list of Big Country discs above. Indeed, one look at it and you see many famous country artists. Of course, many of their popular songs are all on the list. In short, click the link below to inspect the Big Country song book.

View The Song Book

Finally, the parent company is A-Major Music. Also, Big Country Karaoke has a link to the following karaoke series:

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