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The Karaoke Shack proudly present the disc ID numbers of the Big Fish Karaoke, Christian Series. KJ's song books.

Indeed, this is the Big Fish Karaoke reviews page at The Shack

Big Fish Christian Karaoke Series

To begin with, the Big Fish Karaoke label has produced 22 karaoke discs to date. Unlike other karaoke disc makers, who use with-vocal tracks, this label does things differently. Indeed, the with-vocal tracks use odd numbers while the non-vocal use even numbers. So, this is one unique trait straightaway!
Big Fish Christian Karaoke - Jesus Christ
In effect, the content of their karaoke discs are, Christian, anthems, hymns, gospel, and inspirational. Moreover, these discs have eight tracks with both vocal and non-vocal versions. In contrast however, their praise and worship discs have no vocals, but do have 15 tracks per disc.

We also believe that the Big Fish Karaoke label no longer produce karaoke discs. But, twenty two Christian karaoke discs is not bad at all. Although the Big Fish Karaoke discs are all religious, remember that there are many other religious karaoke collections.

In brief, we list all the discs released on this label:

Big Fish Christian Karaoke - BF4202 CDG Front
Big Fish Christian Karaoke - BF5301 CDG Front
Big Fish Christian Karaoke - BF5302 CDG Front

To Sum Up

Big Fish Christian Karaoke - logo
Big Fish Christian Karaoke may have another few discs in existence but we have not had any information passed on. However, we say this on account that the disc ID numbers are not consecutive. But, this could be for other reasons.
However, what we know is that they are a specialist label that found a niche in the market. So, if anyone uses these discs, tell us.  Indeed, if you can supply any other information about the company or quality of discs, then contact us. Karaoke disc collectors need to know the quality of the musical content of course. Also, if the beat and words on screen match the music well etc.

Also, we have heard a whisper that All Star Karaoke had a hand in with these discs. But, they may be just the distributor. Indeed, at the time or writing, we cannot confirm this. Thus, we leave the rest of the input to the members. As a result, by giving us a little information on this religious karaoke label, you will help other karaoke collectors. For example, with karaoke collections being expensive, we are hoping to inform others whether they should seek out these discs.
Big Fish Christian Karaoke - God is Good
Of course, if you know of any other similar style discs that might have better content, tell us.

Big Fish Karaoke Song Book Also

Even though we have the disc identity numbers, we need a song list. Indeed, we have the song book to accompany this series on the next page. Obviously, click the link below to inspect the Big Fish Christian Karaoke song list.
Big Fish Christian Karaoke - BF4202 CD+G Label

View The Song Book

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