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Indeed, this is the Big Hitz Karaoke reviews page

Big Hitz Karaoke Series (BH)

Firstly, Big Hitz Karaoke have do not produce karaoke discs now. Also, readers should note that there is no connection with Big Hits Karaoke. Similarly, this series has a letter Z on the end of the label name just like their sister, Radio Starz.

Obviously, our shout out for information on this label give us a lot of information. Indeed, we got both a list of discs and even a nice song list. In fact, we put them in decent shape and are proud to post them here.

With this in mind, hopefully it helps karaoke disc collectors in their decisions whether to buy or not. After all, the Karaoke Shack is here to help!

Big Hitz Karaoke BH0315 - Label - big hitz downloads

To clarify, there are 18 karaoke discs in this collection that we know of and here is the list:

The Karaoke Shack lists the karaoke disc id numbers for karaoke collectors everywhere - Big Hitz Karaoke discs
Big Hitz Karaoke BH0316 CDG Front
Big Hitz Karaoke BH0314 - SONG BOOKS
Big Hitz Karaoke BH0317 CDG Front - KARAOKE SHACK SONG BOOKS

To Sum Up

Big Hitz Karaoke Cowboy hat and boot
Obviously, collecting the discs is what it’s all about. So, the fact that the company has gone bust, that doesn’t mean you can’t still acquire them. However, the discs being relatively old. But, you should be able to purchase these reasonably cheap online or car boot sales. On the whole, it may be worthwhile trying to get a hold of these for your collection. This is because there is only 18 discs in the series and they may all come up for sale together. Of course, we are sure the hard core collector will just collect them religiously anyway.
In any event, we firmly believe these discs are mainly country karaoke tracks. In fact, the song list confirms this.

The Karaoke Shack has a list of all the other karaoke labels, of course. Also, many of these are full of country karaoke tracks. So, what makes these discs stand out in the crowd? We would like further feedback about the quality of the karaoke on these discs.

Is the music good, for instance? Also, are there any lyrics problems? By the same token, should you have any Big Hitz Karaoke discs in your collection please, let us know. Finally, your experience with this Big Hitz Karaoke disc series will be valuable to all those who love karaoke. Furthermore, you can comment here or in the Karaoke Forum on this series. Moreover, your comments are always welcome, whatever they are.

Big Hitz Karaoke Song Book Also

Now that we have all the discs in the list for Big Hitz, we also need a song book too. Of course, we have this on the next page for cross-referencing etc. In short, click the link below for the Big Hitz Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

Finally, the parent company is A-Major Music.

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