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Big Machine Records Karaoke Banner - Taylor Swift

Indeed, this is the Big Machine Records Karaoke Label featuring songs by Taylor Swift

Big Machine Records Karaoke Series

To begin with, Big Machine Records only made a handful of karaoke discs and we list these below. In view of the information we received in the comments below, these discs are all contain Taylor Swift tracks. In this case, the discs will therefore appeal to Taylor Swift fans. For one thing, with five karaoke discs full of Taylor Swift songs, then you will know where you are. Of course, you could find her songs in a hurry!
Big Machine Records BMR130 - Front Taylor Swift
Be that as it may, they seem to be a treat for Taylor Swift fans. Apparently, further information tells us that they are basically her album releases but now in karaoke versions. Taylor Swift, of course, is an American artist that sings country/pop music.

In fact, these discs are still on sale at Big Machines Records where she first signed up as an artist. At under $10 a pop, we also think these represent good value considering the cost of brand new releases.

To clarify, here are the disc ID numbers for the karaoke discs from this series.

BMR130 – Karaoke
BMR230 – Fearless
BMR330 – Speak Now
BMR430 – Red
BMR530 – 1989

** Due to information given below, we have added BMR530.

Also worthy of note, some of the Taylor Swift karaoke discs in the list come with a video DVD too. Furthermore, according to the website in the link above, the price doesn’t seem to change. So, if you buy from there, use the drop-down box to check if the price changes for the discs.

Big Machine Records Karaoke BMR230 Label Taylor Swift
Big Machine Records Karaoke BMR330 Label Taylor Swift
Big Machine Records Karaoke BMR430 Label Taylor Swift

To Sum Up

For one thing, these discs are from a few years ago. Nonetheless, we found the discs for sale both new and second hand. Obviously, they should be cheaper if you find them second-hand. But, should you go this way, always ask about their condition first. However, since we first looked, the new discs have a very competitive price now anyway.

Because the discs are easy to buy, all information about the quality of the Big Machine karaoke discs is welcome. Indeed, potential buyers would love to find out if these karaoke discs sound any good. Furthermore, whether the graphics were good too.

Obviously, if you would like to help out other karaoke disc collectors just join up and have your say. You can also join the Karaoke Forum and chill out with other like-minded people too.

Taylor Swift Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously, the karaoke in the following song book refers to the discs in the list above. So, this is not her entire karaoke collection. However, collectors should note that Taylor Swift signed up originally with Big Machine Records. With this in mind, the karaoke versions from this firm may be closer to the original music. Just to point out that not all karaoke firms’ karaoke music is the same!

In short, click the link below to see the Taylor Swift song book from Big Machine Records Karaoke.

View The Song Book
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  1. Jeff_Ehlert says:

    Big Machine Karaoke has made 5 disks, all are Taylor Swift, and all are original backing tracks from her albums. Excellent quality and decent graphics!

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