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Indeed, this is the BKD – Buy Karaoke Downloads reviews page

Buy Karaoke Downloads (BKD) ‘Label’

This American karaoke producer is still making karaoke to sell. Obviously, that is good news. At the same time, the company boasts over 20,000 tracks in its song bank. So, this producer is a giant in the karaoke world today. You can also buy karaoke tracks there from just $0.99 (£0.60). So the company offers value as well. Furthermore, their site loads very fast. Also, the site is easy to navigate. Moreover, you can pick and choose which tracks you want. In effect, you can buy only what you need.
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Of course, you can try before you buy as well. In other words, you get to listen to a small snipped of music before you decide to purchase the track.

All in all, buying individual tracks is possibly a better option for some people. However, you can order a custom burn CD+G disc direct from them. Remember also, that karaoke discs from the current karaoke manufactures sometimes release discs with similar songs. So, buying individual tracks like this will avoid duplicating songs in your collection.

Personal Choice

Of course, the most well known karaoke producers at Sunfly and ZOOM etc., will always take centre stage. However, the sheer simplicity of Buy Karaoke Downloads may mean that the current manufacturers will need to adjust. Indeed the demand for buying individual karaoke tracks has never been higher. The others seem to be slow on the uptake, but maybe this will change soon.

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At the Karaoke Shack, we will always support the buying and use of the physical discs of course. However, we cannot overlook the new technology which digital downloads provide.
In any case, please support the current manufacturers of karaoke tracks and buy direct from their sites. So, get yourself over to Buy Karaoke Downloads today and treat yourself. Furthermore, you can listen to a 40 second clip of the tracks on offer to see if they suit you. It’s like try before you buy.

To Sum Up

Because they have over 20,000 karaoke tracks, things are looking good for the karaoke fan. In fact, it would be wise to say that BKD must be confident that their products are good. Obviously, they wouldn’t survive if they weren’t.
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We also need further information as to the quality and usage of the karaoke produced by the company. Obviously, you can make a comment and tell us of your experiences. Indeed, you may also join the Karaoke Forum and post there. In addition, we have a few staff that have tried some tracks from Buy Karaoke Downloads. So far, their feedback is very promising. However, we prefer independent reviews.

Finally, a question about the BKD karaoke tracks which are downloadable only. So, just how you could buy these on the second-hand market? Again, if anyone has this knowledge, then we all want to know if this is possible.

Buy Karaoke Downloads Song Book Also

Because the BKD people still release karaoke tracks, the Buy Karaoke Downloads song book is in flux. In other words, the song list will change from time to time. So, keep sending in the updated lists please. In particular, send in the new releases. Obviously, we will update the song book as and when we can. In short, click the link below for the Buy Karaoke Downloads song list.

View The Song Book

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