Radio Starz Karaoke Series

Radio Starz Karaoke Series (RSZ) So, for specific artists, these are excellent and well worth scouring places like ebay for the individual discs. In fact, feedback given to us so far suggests that they would be a good acquisition for any collector. Of course, the avid karaoke disc collector would just … Continue reading

Karaoke Kurrents

Karaoke Kurrents Series However, please note that both these karaoke labels made karaoke tracks using explicit lyrics. This is obviously annoying should children have access to them. But, otherwise they are popular with the drinkers in pubs and clubs. However, we do not know if the Karaoke Kurrents have any … Continue reading

Big Hitz Karaoke

Big Hitz Karaoke Series (BH) Firstly, Big Hitz Karaoke have do not produce karaoke discs now. Also, readers should note that there is no connection with Big Hits Karaoke. Similarly, this series has a letter Z on the end of the label name just like their sister, Radio Starz. To clarify, … Continue reading

Big Country Karaoke

Big Country Karaoke So, a big thank you goes out to those who gave help in compiling these lists. Obviously, we are open to accept all other information about this karaoke label whatsoever. To clarify, here is the list of the disc ID’s we know exist: To Sum Up In … Continue reading

All Country Karaoke

A while back, we asked people to send in their lists to enable us to compile an effective karaoke catalogue. In the first place, this label was easy to manage with so few discs. However, we have the list of discs and a song book to accompany it. All Country … Continue reading