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How To Submit A Post

To begin with, you need not be a member to post at the Karaoke Shack. However, there are benefits of being a member including better access to the writing facilities. But, you may still post here using these tools for your convenience.

Obviously you will want your post to reach an audience. With this in mind your content needs to have a minimum of 200 words. Moreover, ensure the content has plenty of good content that can be searchable. Of course, by using the form above, you may add karaoke news articles or tell us about relevant subjects.

Firstly add your name, this can be what you like or your membership screen name. Secondly add your website URL if you have one. Thirdly, add a title and some tags where necessary. Obviously fill in the content. Then complete the simple challenge question and press submit. However, as we say above, the more content you have, the easier karaoke fans will find it. So, over 200 words is OK but over 300 words is ideal.

Also, Add Videos and Images

You may also add an image to your post too. Indeed, you may also add a video. For example, if you choose a YouTube video, just post the URL address and the video will show up. We have indeed made this system much more convenient. In other words, this couldn’t be simpler if we tried. Obviously, the main point being the actual content which should have as much detail as possible.

Where Will Your Posts Go?

Of course, you will want to access your posts once you use the ‘Submit A Post’ feature. So, you will need to know how to find them. With this in mind, you can do a few things. Firstly, you can search the Karaoke Shack. Secondly, you may see if your post has gone live by checking the ‘Karaoke Blog’. Obviously, posts from trusted members go live immediately. Therefore, a quick check in the blog will see your post at the top as this is the position of the last post.


In view of the amount of spam that floats around the web, posts will be in a queue awaiting moderation. However, once the moderation team has viewed them for spam, your posts will go live.

Also, we reserve the right to amend any post where we think fit. But, generally speaking, we will preserve your original content as much as possible.

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