Boombox Karaoke Song Book

Boombox Karaoke Song Book - free download from the Karaoke Shack - track list - disc identity

Indeed, this is the Boombox Karaoke Song Book – download free at the Karaoke Shack


Boombox Karaoke Song Book

** This is also a free karaoke song book download.

To begin with, here we have a small Christian karaoke collection. Not only is there only a handful of karaoke discs from Boombox but there is only a few songs too. Indeed, each disc has only 6 tracks. But, that includes the with-vocal versions too. So this means that there are only 3 unique karaoke songs on each disc! Because of this, we have left this as a free download as a tester. Obviously, this could change depending on certain requirements.

Read this Boombox Karaoke Song Book page together with its disc identity and reviews page. Obviously, if you have any of these discs, tell us there. Also, if you buy some because of the information on the Karaoke Shack, tell us.

Of course, there are many other religious karaoke labels. In fact many of the big name karaoke labels have some religious karaoke discs. However, what makes these Boombox Karaoke discs special? Indeed, we leave all comments to the members!

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