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Indeed, this is the Boombox Karaoke reviews page and disc ID

The BoomBox Karaoke РBoom Box  Series

To begin with, this small karaoke label is basically a Christian karaoke collection. Since we have many religious karaoke collections on the Karaoke Shack, how does this one rate? Firstly, we have only a little information about this label, so more feedback is necessary. Also, we know of only four discs released in this series. However, looking at the discs we list, there may be others in this series.
Boombox Karaoke BBK20009 - CDG Label
Obviously, we gave a shout for information for more information about the individual karaoke labels. In a word, we only got back a list of the four discs. However, we are lucky enough to also get a song list to accompany them.

What will obviously put people off buying these discs is that there is only 6 tracks on each disc. Moreover, three of those are the same song but having with-vocals!

Since, there are obvious gaps in the list below, can you help fill them? In addition to the disc identity numbers you send in, we also need a song list for them.

To clarify, these are the Boombox karaoke discs we know to exist:

BoomBox Karaoke BBK20012 CDG Front
BoomBox Karaoke BBK20012 CDG Back - Boom Box
BoomBox Karaoke BBK20012 CDG Label - Boom Box

To Sum Up

Obviously, with only a small amount of karaoke discs in existence, they will be difficult to find. Indeed, with them being a small specialist label, this makes it harder.

However, if you have experience with these discs, then let us know. To begin with, are the graphics good? Also, does the on-screen lyrics sync with the music? Indeed, would you recommend a collector go and seek them out?

BoomBox Karaoke BBK20003 - CD+G Front - Christian Karaoke
Furthermore, and possibly more importantly, do you know of more discs in this collection?

Boombox Karaoke Song Book Also

Its all well and good to have the list of discs, but we need to know what is on them. So, on the next page, we have the song book to accompany the collection. In short, click the link below to access the Boom Box series. Indeed, the Boombox song book is the free download. Obviously, this might change so grab it now.

View The Song Book

Finally, your input on the BoomBox Karaoke series will be welcome and will help out all karaoke disc collectors. So, join up and let us know as much information as possible. Obviously, you can post here or in the Karaoke Forum.

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