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Indeed, this is the Bright Spark Karaoke reviews page

Bright Spark Karaoke Series

This label has released six discs, but they don’t produce karaoke discs now. Early feedback suggests that Bright Spark Karaoke have made a decent job of these recordings, although more feedback is welcome.

So far, the information we have is that the quality of these discs are good. In fact, Bright Spark discs are better than some of the newer discs released today according to some. With this in mind, it’s a shame they are not producing now.

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To clarify, the Bright Spark Karaoke discs available on the second-hand market are:

Bright Spark Karaoke BSK003 - Front
Bright Spark Karaoke BSK003 - Back
Bright Spark Karaoke BSK003 - Label

To Sum Up

In addition, to the disc identity numbers that KJ’s use, we also have a song book to accompany the series. However, other feedback is welcome. For one thing, what is the quality of the audio like? Also, are the on-screen lyrics in sync? Indeed, would you recommend a collector to look for these on places like ebay? Just to point out, we did find some new discs there. That is to say, they had factory seals. Obviously, something like this is a bonus.
Bright Spark Karaoke BSK001 CDG Label
Bright Spark Karaoke BSK002 CD+G Label
As a matter of fact, one of our staff here has the full set of Bright Spark Karaoke discs. He tells us that while he gigged he would often use them and found them to be really good. He also says that one of his regulars insisted on the Bright Spark version of Des O’Connor’s ‘I Pretend’. Another guy would also do David Bowie’s ‘ Laughing Gnome’ from the same set. However, we would like others to write their own opinions of them.
So, should you have any experience with this series Karaoke discs, let us know. Also, please consider writing about them to help out others who may want this disc set.

Bright Spark Karaoke Song Book Also

Since the this label does not produce now, the list of discs above will not change. With this in mind, neither will the song list which is on the next page. In short, click the link below to inspect the Bright Spark Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

Finally, please consider rating this label as well as other karaoke labels. Indeed, we have all independent labels here at the Karaoke Shack. So, have a field day and start rating today.

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