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There are lots of Canadian tracks available on karaoke - Canadian Karaoke

Canadian Karaoke disc id numbers


Firstly, the post below is an old post. Since its publishing date, we have discovered that the disc id numbers don’t exist. However, the discs do exist, but not as published below. Like most information given to us at the Karaoke Shack, we accept it in good faith as in this case. For one thing, the disc maker ‘Canadian Karaoke’ is non-existent. Likewise, the disc id numbers do not exist. With this in mind, special thanks to the Shack’s member, jomarch (see comments below), for highlighting the issue.

In effect, we leave the information posted below to alert other misinformed karaoke collectors. So, the true identity of this karaoke maker is actually called Karaokemaker. In brief, this label has now got its own page. On the whole, there is no label with the name ‘Canadian Karaoke’. Use this page for reference, by all means, but click the above link to get the proper disc id’s.


Canadian Karaoke

To begin with, the Karaoke Shack knew that some unique karaoke of some sort would come from the frozen north. By and large, there is, but this is a unique label. However, our research provided us with four unconfirmed Canadian Karaoke discs id numbers.

To clarify, we list them as we got them:

CAN000, CAN003, CAN005, CAN006

To Sum Up

Obviously, they are not by a large karaoke making concern, possibly a one man and his keyboard operation. Also, these Canadian karaoke discs might well have had the name of Cannon Karaoke at one time. This is where your help comes in handy.

If any member has any information whatsoever about these ‘discs’ then we want to know. For example, we need information about the maker and the quality of the tracks. What is the musical content and the on-screen graphics like?

Of course, there will be lots of karaoke discs and tracks that come from Canada. But whether this label is real, we just don’t know for sure. So any input is welcome.

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2 Responses to Canadian Karaoke

  1. jomarch says:

    These IDs don’t exist… they should read KAR001 to KAR009 and the manufacturer is Karaokemaker (you already have this Canadian label in your main list)

  2. Jacky says:

    Here is a list of all the tracks that a DJ sent in. Would someone kindly say where they belong if they are not in the proper section here please:

    CAN000-01 – Traditional – Farewell To Nova Scotia
    CAN000-02 – Traditional – I’se Da B’y
    CAN000-03 – Traditional – Little Boats Of Newfoundland
    CAN000-04 – Traditional – Loss Of The Marion
    CAN000-05 – Traditional – Music And Friends
    CAN000-06 – Traditional – Nobody’s Child
    CAN000-07 – Traditional – Ode To Newfoundland
    CAN000-08 – Traditional – Rubber Boots On
    CAN000-10 – Traditional – Sonny’s Dream
    CAN000-11 – Traditional – Under The Sea

    CAN003-01 – Whigfield – Saturday Night
    CAN003-02 – Bellamy Brothers, The – If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me
    CAN003-03 – Cliff Richard – On The Beach
    CAN003-04 – Madonna – Holiday
    CAN003-05 – Buddy Holly – Heartbeat
    CAN003-06 – Rod Stewart – Sailing
    CAN003-07 – Scaffold – Lily The Pink
    CAN003-08 – 1910 Fruitgum Company – Simon Says
    CAN003-09 – Irish Traditional – Wild Rover, The
    CAN003-10 – Animals, The – House Of The Rising Sun, The
    CAN003-11 – Showaddywaddy – Under The Moon Of Love
    CAN003-12 – Byrds, The – Mr Tambourine Man
    CAN003-13 – Cher – Shoop Shoop Song, The (It’s In His Kiss)
    CAN003-14 – Dave Clark Five, The – Glad All Over
    CAN003-15 – Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs – Wooly Bully
    CAN003-16 – Drifters, The – Come On Over To My Place

    CAN005-01 – Toronto – Your Daddy Don’t Know
    CAN005-02 – Headpins – Don’t It Make You Feel
    CAN005-03 – Farmer’s Daughter – Cornfields Or Cadillacs
    CAN005-04 – Jann Arden – Could I Be Your Girl
    CAN005-05 – Rough Trade – High School Confidential
    CAN005-06 – Alanis Morissette – Head Over Feet
    CAN005-07 – Amanda Marshall – Let It Rain
    CAN005-08 – Chantal Kreviazuk – Leaving On A Jet Plane

    CAN006-01 – April Wine – Just Between You And Me
    CAN006-02 – April Wine – Enough Is Enough
    CAN006-03 – April Wine – Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love
    CAN006-04 – April Wine – I Like To Rock
    CAN006-05 – April Wine – Roller
    CAN006-06 – April Wine – Rock And Roll Is A Vicious Game
    CAN006-07 – April Wine – Whole World’s Going Crazy, The
    CAN006-08 – April Wine – Cum Hear The Band
    CAN006-09 – April Wine – I Wouldn’t Want To Lose Your Love
    CAN006-10 – April Wine – You Won’t Dance With Me

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