Dynamo Karaoke

To begin with, this Dynamo Karaoke series consists of three individual discs. Also, they are artist specific. In other words, each disc has a different artist. Indeed, these are The Beatles, The Drifters and Buddy Holly. In the first place, one of our previous members gave us the information on … Continue reading

American Karaoke Supply

To clarify, the following list shows the four available discs in the American Karaoke Supply series: There are indeed, two discs by Gretchen Wilson. Then there are two separate discs by Big & Rich and Faith Hill. Therefore, all these karaoke discs are of country music. To Sum Up Since, … Continue reading

Five Star Karaoke

Also From Compass Productions In the first place, we list two karaoke series on this page. These are Five Star Karaoke together with Lucky Star Karaoke. In effect, they both come from the same stable – Compass Productions. They both have their own identity complete with different labels and splash … Continue reading

House Party Karaoke Series

Indeed, Compass Productions made many discs. Obviously, the list below shows all the House Party Karaoke discs. But how do the House Party Karaoke tracks compare with other karaoke makers? In the first place, we made a request to members to send in their song books. Due to the complexity … Continue reading

Xtreme Professional Karaoke

Xtreme Professional Karaoke Series’ A while back we asked some previous members to give us a list of the disc ID’s. Obviously, the ones they used in their karaoke song books. In brief, it gave us a surprise when all the lists came in. To clarify, we compiled everything what … Continue reading

Music Maestro Karaoke

Music Maestro Karaoke Series To clarify, we gave a shout for information about Music Maestro Karaoke. In brief, many members gave us their song lists for the series. However, it took months to compile decent lists. It was indeed extremely hard work. But, it was worth it. Moreover, with Music … Continue reading

Other Karaoke Labels

Other Karaoke Labels To Clarify these other labels Firstly, let us get the confusion about one of those labels out the road right now. For instance, there is an Ultra-Sonics Karaoke and an Ultrasonics Karaoke label. In brief, these are both different karaoke producers! Ultra-Sonics Karaoke: US0001, US0002, US0003, US0004 … Continue reading

Zoom Karaoke

Zoom Karaoke To begin with, the Zoom Karaoke label is massive. Therefore, the whole collection has three pages. So, after inspecting this page, don’t forget to check out the rest! Furthermore, we met a few people who have an extensive collection of Zoom karaoke discs. In fact, they swear down … Continue reading

Ultimate Karaoke

The Ultimate Karaoke Series We do however have a song book to accompany the series. To clarify things, our contact sent in the following list of disc ID’s for the Ultimate Karaoke series: To Sum Up Likewise, if you know where these discs are for sale, tell us. Indeed, there … Continue reading

UK Karaoke

The UK Karaoke Series This is because the UK Karaoke Series has escaped our staff at the Shack. So, this is basically where the members have a greater say! Obviously, your views can influence the karaoke disc buyers. Just to point out that UK Karaoke no longer produce any discs. … Continue reading

U-Best Karaoke

U-best Karaoke Series On the whole, the Shack leaves all reviews down to members. Likewise, this will give us an unbiased opinion. To clarify, a reliable Australian friend of the Karaoke Forum forwarded to us a massive list. This of course had the U-Best Karaoke disc ID numbers. Obviously, this … Continue reading

Turn Up The Music Karaoke

Turn Up The Music Karaoke To clarify things, here is the list of Turn Up The Music Karaoke disc ID numbers that karaoke jockeys use in their song books. However, please be aware that the list is quite old and from an anonymous member. However, if there are any discs … Continue reading

Toshiba Karaoke

The Toshiba Karaoke Series To clarify, here is the list of Toshiba karaoke disc ID numbers. Moreover, they are commonly in use by KJ’s in their song books: * Missing – to emphasize, if you know anything about these discs please let us know. To Sum Up Finally, don’t forget … Continue reading

Top Tunes Karaoke

Top Tunes Karaoke Here is a collection of karaoke discs that would be very expensive to buy because there are so many. All in all, what a fantastic effort by the Top Tunes Karaoke people! With so many karaoke discs produced, it is not surprising that there are many up … Continue reading

Top Hits Monthly Karaoke

Top Hits Monthly Karaoke There is also an absolute cart load of Top Hits Monthly Karaoke discs in many different series’. Indeed, there are pop, country, rock and even Elvis. To clarify this, we will list them by category to make things a lot clearer. However, the lists we have … Continue reading

TipTop Karaoke

The TipTop Karaoke Series We had a list of TipTop Karaoke disc id’s sent in but this was from a long time ago. All in all, we are not sure if they have the name TipTop Karaoke or Tip Top Karaoke. Indeed, maybe there is a space or maybe not? … Continue reading

Sybersound Karaoke

Sybersound Karaoke Also Known As Party Tyme Karaoke We understand that Sybersound Karaoke are still producing karaoke discs at this time (2016). This is because their website is available current. The label also has the name, Party Tyme Karaoke. As with all current karaoke producers, we would say that now … Continue reading

Sweet Georgia Brown Karaoke

Sweet Georgia Brown Karaoke So, this time, lets try for more on the Karaoke Shack blogs. For instance, if anyone would like to write a review on the SGB karaoke label, please do so. In fact, from these independent reviews, karaoke collectors will make sound judgements. After all, you know … Continue reading

Superstar Karaoke

Superstar Karaoke Series To clarify things, here is a list of Superstar Karaoke disc ID numbers as commonly used by KJ’s. In fact, this list was originally a post on the karaoke forum a while back. The whole list needs confirmation however as it was from the old forum. But, … Continue reading

Supercore Karaoke

Supercore Karaoke Indeed, there were many second-hand discs on ebay. Also, a firm in Canada was selling the single discs but they were full price and expensive. In effect, compulsive karaoke disc collectors love a trip like this one. With over fifty discs to collect in this Supercore series, it … Continue reading