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Indeed, this is the Cavs Karaoke reviews page

The CAVS Karaoke series

To begin with, CAVS Karaoke still have a web presence but don’t release new karaoke tracks. In effect, they are still selling many other products like players, microphones and special karaoke discs.

Indeed, there may be other references to CAVS on the Karaoke Shack. For example, Nutech. Also, CAVS has Elvis Presley songs which are similar to those on the Nutech’s Super CD. However Nutech has more Elvis songs. But they do have separate splash screens.

Cavs Karaoke - Super CD+G 200 song sampler disc
Firstly, we gave a shout for more information CAVS karaoke discs and a few people did send in lists. However, information was sketchy and the lists look incomplete. But, we did compile what we could. Indeed, this is where you step in and tell us what you know about the karaoke discs and tracks.

To clarify, discs made from CAVS that we are aware of include the following:

CAVSSP1 (200 song sampler)

CAVSEP (Elvis Presley):


** In effect, we got no information about CAVSEP06, so assume it is ‘missing’ for some reason.

Cavs Karaoke CAVSSH02 - Super Hits 200 Vol 2
Cavs Karaoke CAVSSH03 - Super Hits 200 Vol 3
Cavs Karaoke CAVSSH04 - Super Hits 200 Vol 4

To Sum Up

Cavs Karaoke - M-9 microphone Equipment - full systems

Further information about the quality of the tracks produced by CAVS are welcome. Do you still use the CAVS material and how do you use it?
Also, should you have any experience with the CAVS Karaoke discs, please post your experiences using them. Obviously, we need to know what the quality of the music is like. Also, how do the graphics compare with other discs?

The Cavs website sells lots of karaoke equipment, including dedicated karaoke jukebox players, for example.

In the long run, Cavs are still there to help DJ’s and KJ’s alike. So, it may be worthwhile popping over to them and see what gear appeals to you.

Cavs Karaoke - full jukebox set up for dj and kj use
CAVS Karaoke CAVSSP1 - Super CD+G Label
All in all, no staff member has any experience with CAVS at all. However, we all love independent reviews, so please join in and make a comment. In other words, comment and help us out with this label (or gear) to help other karaoke enthusiasts.

By all means, send in the information to us via the contact page. Then we will publish it – anonymously if you like! But, whatever you tell us, other collectors will benefit.

CAVS Karaoke Song Book Also

In short, click the link below to inspect the CAVS Karaoke song book. Of course, all tracks from the list of discs above are in the song list.

View The Song Book

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