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Indeed, this is the Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke reviews page

Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke Series

To begin with, these karaoke discs are from the late nineties. In the first place, we have information that shows there are two series from this collection. Indeed they are country hits and pop hits. Both collections have ordinary karaoke plus the with-vocal versions on the same disc. Obviously, with 16 tracks on the disc, there are only 8 unique tracks.

Obviously, looking at the disc identities below, some may be missing. For example, CHMC9807 is not on the list.

Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke CHMC9806 CD+G Disc

Karaoke Jockeys or KJ's will need the disc id numbers for Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke so here they are.
Just to point out, we originally gave a shout for information about the individual karaoke labels. Furthermore, we got the discs in the list below plus a song list to accompany them.
Indeed, they don’t look complete. So, here is yet another shout for more information about this collection. In case you have any, send in an image or two of the discs with a song list please. Obviously, we will update the lists immediately.

The following discs ID numbers are commonly in KJ’s song books as such:

Country karaoke discs:

Pop karaoke discs:

Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke CHMC9805 CD+G Disc
Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke CHMC9808 CD+G Disc
Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke CHMC9809 CD+G Disc

To Sum Up

Indeed, this collection looks similar to Top Hits Monthly and a Pop Hits Monthly.  They also produced separate country, pop and urban karaoke discs.

In fact, by cross-referencing the lists, similar songs are on corresponding discs. So, did this series evolve into those?

Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke disc - April 1998
Above all, what is the quality of the Chart Hits Monthly karaoke discs like? For example, is the music content good and do the on screen graphics match up? Also, is it worth looking for them as a collector? Obviously, the keen karaoke collector will just buy these when they find them on the internet. However, those with limited budgets may need to find out if the quality of the tracks are worth the outlay. Indeed, all input on these discs is welcome.

Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke Song Book Also

On the whole, this series does not stimulate us. This is because we are lacking information about the series. However, we still have a song book to accompany all the discs in the list above. In short, click the link below to inspect the Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke song list.

View The Song Book

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