Chartbuster and Sound Choice Karaoke Registration

Chartbuster and Sound Choice Karaoke Registration - Rip discs and register them

Chartbuster also Sound Choice want you to register your own discs!

Chartbuster and Sound Choice Karaoke Registrations

Those that use Chartbuster and or Sound Choice Karaoke discs need to take notice of the following information.

Phoenix Entertainment Partners, LLC bought the trade mark for both the Sound Choice, also the Chartbuster brands. However, you could find yourself in trouble if you are not aware of what this means for you. Basically, if you have the original karaoke discs for the two brands then they are yours. Indeed, you can play them at will.
Chartbuster and Sound Choice Karaoke Registration - do not rip intil you register your karaoke discs

However, PEP don’t allow you to rip the karaoke discs and store them on your hard-drive without registering them first. Generally speaking, ripping the discs to MP3+G and storing on a hard-drive is media-shifting. It is this media-shifting that could pose a problem for some people who are indeed out of the loop. Ignorance is no defence apparently, so failing to register means nothing to them. They will still come after you.

Think Before You Rip.

Chartbuster and Sound Choice Karaoke Registration
Before you rip your Chartbuster or Sound Choice karaoke discs you need permission and register with PEP. You then need to prove that you have the original discs using photographic evidence before you start. Registration is also not that expensive at $50 US per karaoke system for a lifetime registration.
Just remember to also add any newly ripped discs to your registration documents. Registration is free if you have less than 9 discs stored on your hard-drive. But, if you media-shift, you need to register them. However, you do not have to register your karaoke discs if you just use the originals. But you can do if you want to.

Our thoughts

All in all, here at the Karaoke Shack, we appreciate original karaoke discs. In brief, our “about us” page shows this. Retired KJ’s make up our staff here and we also only ever worked with the original karaoke discs. However, carrying lots of karaoke discs is heavy. Also, they can damage easily without proper care. But, you do get the full frequency from them. In fact, the dynamics are amazing and much better that any other method of karaoke.

We have heard systems that were computerised and the music is terrible compared to the disc based systems. If you have the best quality karaoke equipment and use MP3+G from a hard-drive then that is a terrible mix! In fact, you will never hear the music as it should be. So, with this in mind, cheap equipment would do that job just fine.

The Karaoke Shack will always promote the original karaoke discs because of this. If you are passionate about your karaoke sound and are using a laptop based system, move back to disc based systems for an altogether better sound.

To Sum Up

All in all, we do hope that we have explained the Chartbuster and Sound Choice Karaoke Registration requirements. Indeed, those people who fail to register their Chartbuster or Sound Choice discs risk prosecution. Subsequently, this could lead to them losing their business and livelihood! Now is the ideal time to either register with PEP or shift back to using a disc based system. However annoying this information might appear, you will need to act now to safeguard yourself. Of course, whatever you do is entirely your choice, the Karaoke Shack is just the messenger.

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