How The Downloads Work

How The Downloads Work

Some people are having a slight difficulty taking the books from their basket, so we will explain how the downloads work. First off, once you see the Karaoke Song Book you want, click the blue button beneath it. That book should now be in your basket. You can continue to look for other books and add them to your basket if you so wish.

Once you are ready to download your books, go back to the checkout. If you have a discount code, click the blue link and enter that first and click ‘apply’. All new members get a code for one free book, so ask for yours.

Security Assured

Next, while in the checkout page, ensure you have your details correct in the form. This is indeed a secure service provided by Paypal (our site is also secure as indicated by the green lock). Tick the box to also accept the terms and conditions. Then, click the big blue button below.

Your details need to be correct at this point, especially your email address. You should then get an email with a link to the karaoke book. However, the book will be available at the checkout page too. It will be there for 4 days before it expires, so please grab it in good time.

Finally, should you have any other problems, use the contact tab above and we will help further.

How The Downloads Work - information about how to grab your karaoke song books

Indeed, this page shows how the downloads work


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