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Indeed, this is the Christian Karaoke reviews page

Christian Karaoke Series

Obviously, this karaoke disc set is all about religion. However, there are many other karaoke labels that have had a release of Christian karaoke. Indeed, check out the Independent Karaoke Labels for many other religious karaoke labels. Although there are lots of similar karaoke collections, such as Daywind, this page focuses on this Christian Karaoke (KAR) collection. Obviously, this is an independent karaoke label in it’s own right.
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Christian Karaoke - KAR1004 - CDG Disc Label
Generally speaking, our original shout for karaoke labels and song lists gave us a return of many series. Indeed, this karaoke series is one of those. However, don’t think because they have the name Christian Karaoke that they have a monopoly on religious karaoke. In fact, this collection of 10 discs is tiny in comparison to some Christian karaoke labels. But, how do they compare? Indeed, if you have discs from this collection, let us know.

To clarify, we list the disc ID numbers for those in this series:

KAR1xxx Series

Christian Karaoke - KAR1001 - Front Cover
Christian Karaoke - KAR1005- Front Cover
Christian Karaoke - KAR1006- Front Cover

To Sum Up

Christian Karaoke music - growing in faith together
All these karaoke discs are obviously religion specific. In fact, this ten disc set could be worthwhile collecting if you are short on religious or Bible music. Also, worth noting is that all these discs have both with-vocals and non-vocal tracks. Indeed, some people like this arrangement to help them learn a specific song. But, some find these type of discs a waste of space.
All in all, we welcome more feedback on the quality of the tracks. For example, how does the music sound and do the lyrics match? By and large, at the Karaoke Shack, we are always looking for quality. Obviously, we need to see whether a certain set of karaoke discs are worth seeking out to collect. Accordingly, if you know anything about this set, let us know more.

In effect, your experience with these discs may help collectors decide if they are worth scouring the internet for. However, searching for Christian Karaoke could become quite confusing as there are many religious songs out there. So, if you can help trace this set, let us know.

Christian Karaoke music - cross of jesus and musical notes
In addition to the information above, KRB Music Companies is wrote on the discs which may help in your search.

Song Book Also

Now that we have a list of the discs together in sequence, we need to know the contents. Of course, their song book is on the next page to allow the pages to load quicker. So click the link below to inspect the Christian Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

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