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Indeed, here is the Clifton Music Karaoke reviews page

Clifton Music Karaoke DOO-WOP Series

To begin with, thanks to a forum member for the information on this page. In brief, Doo-Wop music was in demand at his shows. Indeed, he had many old time hits like these in his karaoke song books. However, he only had two discs by the Clifton Music Karaoke people. But, he says they were a one-off release and there are no others by Clifton Records.

Indeed, disc one is A cappella, with disc two having musical accompaniment.

Clifton Music Karaoke - doo-wop jukebox
Doo-wop is a type of music originating in the 1940’s. However, it became extremely popular in the 50’s and 60’s. In fact, if you own these discs, have you had a demand for them at a gig? Indeed, did you get them for home use? Also, let us know about your experiences with these discs, especially the audio content and lyrics.

In addition to the disc ID numbers in the list below, we have a song list to accompany them. To clarify, here are the two doo-wop karaoke discs that we know about from the Clifton Music Records group:

Clifton Music Karaoke - doo-wop banner and logo

Clifton Music Karaoke - DOOWOP001 - Front Cover
Clifton Music Karaoke - DOOWOP001 - CDG Label
Clifton Music Karaoke - DOOWOP001 - Back Cover

To sum up

Clifton Music Karaoke - doo-wop - sh-boom stars - performers
So, this is a karaoke label specific to doo-wop music. Why not, we have kids karaoke and Christian karaoke, so a bit doo-wop music isn’t going to hurt.

However, be aware that other big karaoke labels also have doo-wop karaoke. For example, the Music Maestro Karaoke label has many discs.

We expect that ebay will be the best source, but if you know better, then please tell us. In fact, any scrap of information on this karaoke label will help others who may have an interest in them.

Clifton Music Karaoke Song Book Also

So, now your appetite for these discs is becoming stronger, you now need a song list for them. We do indeed have the list on the next page**. In short, click the link below for the Clifton Music Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

** Some of our members also ask why we list the karaoke song books separately. The answer of course is that it helps to load the main disc and reviews page load quicker.

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