Club Karaoke Song Book

Club Karaoke Song Book from the Karaoke Shack - track list - disc identity - customised books

Indeed, here is the Club Karaoke Song Book from the Karaoke Shack


Club Karaoke Song Book

To begin with, the Club Karaoke has links to a Latin label. Indeed, discs 5 and 8 have the lyrics in Latin. Moreover, the song titles are in English. This of course is evident in the Club Karaoke disc identity page. So, read this Club Karaoke Song Book together with it’s reviews page.

Obviously, these discs are only available second-hand. So, try the online auction sites. Moreover, if you buy some of these Club Karaoke discs, come back and let us all know. Indeed, we all want to know about the state of play with the audio. Also, are the lyrics legible? In other words, the Karaoke Shack provides the medium for you to help and interact with the karaoke community.

Finally, members send in the lists to Karaoke Shack for us to sift through. It is indeed, very time consuming. However, most of our karaoke labels are complete. This is because the majority of karaoke makers are no longer producing. With this in mind, should we get comprehensive Latin discs, we may list them in the future. But, if you send in Latin disc information, ensure they are complete.

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