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Club Karaoke Pack - Party situation

Indeed, this is the Club Karaoke Pack reviews page

Club Karaoke Series

To begin with, we know that Club Karaoke series has links to Tropical Zone Karaoke. For example, disc 5 and 8 are Latin. Indeed, those splash screens show ‘Tropical Zone’. The labels, unless they are fake, show the English titles but apparently everything else is Latin!

To explain further, a forum member sent in the disc ID’s and plenty of information. But, we require more facts about this series. All in all, the Karaoke Shack tends to only list English karaoke tracks. However, some labels do have Latin discs so we will give this label the benefit of the doubt.

Club Karaoke Series - Latin Dancers

To clarify, here are the Club Karaoke disc ID numbers:

CLUB005 (Latin)
CLUB008 (Latin)
CLPARTY1 (Club Let’s Party)
Club Karaoke Pack - Smiley with headphones
Club Karaoke Pack - CLUB001 CDG Disc Label
Club Karaoke Pack - CLUB002 - CDG Disc Label
Club Karaoke Pack - CLUB004 CDG Disc Label

To Sum Up

Club Karaoke Series - maracas - latin musical instruments
If you can indeed shed some light on this collection, let us know. For example, what do they sound like? Also, what are the graphics like? Moreover, would you recommend them to others?

In effect, all information is welcome and will help future karaoke disc collectors. Furthermore, leave your comments on the Karaoke Shack blogs or in the massive forum.

Because this Club Karaoke collection has some Latin discs, it will be necessary to have a market for them. However, if you are only looking for English tracks then you should avoid this collection as a whole. In other words, avoid those we have in the list above as Latin.

Since, we originally started to list the English karaoke discs, we may change this policy. However, we will only list Latin discs should we get complete collections of disc ID’s. Obviously all song lists would have to come our way as well. This is because it is so time-consuming. With this in mind, send in complete lists to us via the ‘contact us’ tab above.

Club Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously, it is necessary to have a karaoke song book for this series. For one thing, if you don’t know what are on them, how will you know if they are any good? Therefore, we have a song list to accompany the above list of discs. In short, click the link below to see the Club Karaoke song list.

View The Song Book

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