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Indeed, this is the Coast 2 Coast Karaoke reviews page

Coast 2 Coast Karaoke Series

To begin with, we can only find evidence of three karaoke discs from Coast to Coast Karaoke Sounds. Moreover the label shows the letter 2 in the name. Thus, we have the name Coast 2 Coast Karaoke. Be that as it may, what exactly do these discs sound like? For instance, are they worth pursuing on the second-hand market?

From time to time, we did a search on the internet to see if these discs were available for sale.

Coast To Coast Karaoke - C2C001 - CDG Disc Label
However, we never found them at any time. But, please don’t let it stop you if you want these discs. Just to point out that the market place fluctuates and supplies come and go. Indeed, on internet auction sitesĀ  they may only be on sale for a day or two at a time.

Rare Karaoke Collection?

So, the Coast To Coast Karaoke series may be a rare collection. Obviously, the keen collector will snap them up when they are available. However, we need to determine whether the casual karaoke collector should look for them. With this in mind, we gave a shout out for information. In return, we got one disc ID list and a song list to accompany.

To clarify, here is the Coast 2 Coast disc ID numbers from those we hold information about:

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To Sum Up

Coast To Coast Karaoke - Beach Party logo
By and large, these may originate from around the 1995 mark. Since there was only three that we know of, they could be quite rare too. Obviously, as we all know, collectors love rare stuff! In effect, more feedback is necessary on the quality of the tracks and the production team. So, as ever, we leave all that to the members.

For example, was this label part of a bigger group? Also, is the music and graphics OK? In brief, we would love to hear from you if you have any of these discs. Obviously, you will be helping karaoke disc collectors everywhere.

Coast To Coast Karaoke Song Book Also

Although the information about the Coast To Coast series is sketchy, we do have a song list. Indeed, the song list includes all the tracks from the three discs in the above list.

Obviously, this may be enough to convince people to search for the collection. Indeed, there may be songs here they need!

In short, click the link below to inspect the Coast To Coast song book.

Coast To Coast Karaoke - C2C003 - CDG Disc Label

View The Song Book

Finally, have a look around the rest of the Karaoke Shack, starting with our Home Page.

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