Compass Productions Karaoke

Compass Productions Karaoke is responsible for House Party Karaoke, Five Star Karaoke also Lucky Star Karaoke

Indeed, information about Compass Productions Karaoke is here at The Shack

Compass Productions Karaoke Series’

To begin with, this section refers to three karaoke disc labels. Of course, these are, Five Star Karaoke, Lucky Start Karaoke and House Party Karaoke (links below). In the first place, they all come under the same umbrella and production team – Compass Productions Karaoke. Moreover, we had to collate the disc ID numbers from a few karaoke jockey’s lists. Also, we did compile a song book too which they all have.
Compass Productions - House Party Karaoke - pop hits vol 1
Compass Productions - House Party Karaoke - best hits of the 1960's
Compass Productions - House Party Karaoke - best party songs vol 1
Compass Productions - House Party Karaoke - holiday hits

House Party Karaoke

Indeed, the House Party Karaoke label has it’s own page. This is because most karaoke jockeys list them separately. They also have a corresponding song book too.

Five Star Karaoke Also Lucky Star Karaoke

Obviously, both of these karaoke labels are together on their own page. However, for convenience sake, we list them as Five Star Karaoke. By the same token, they are on the same song list together.

To Sum Up

Obviously, the splash screen for Five Star Karaoke,  Lucky Star Karaoke and House Party Karaoke are different. Of course they have their own identity too. But it is clear they are from one karaoke producer.

The keen karaoke collector will just go out and collect these regardless. However, those with little cash will still need some advice and guidance.

Compas Productions - House Party Karaoke disc
If you still use these discs, or have any experience with them, please consider writing a small review. After all, how do we know what they sound like without a review? Furthermore, you can tell us about the music content and the state of the graphics. Obviously, from this info you will be helping many karaoke collectors.

Compass Productions - House Party Karaoke - teen hits vol 7
So, this page has dealt with the Five Star Karaoke, Lucky Start Karaoke and House Party Karaoke labels. But, we believe the lists are incomplete. Obviously, this is where the members step in!

However, while these labels seemed to have escaped us somewhat, our other karaoke labels are more comprehensive.

Compass Productions Karaoke Song Book Also

Indeed, we have separate song books for House Party Karaoke and Five Star Karaoke (this includes Lucky Star). However, we also have a song book for the entire Compass Productions. In brief, click the link below to access this.

View The Song Book


In case you didn’t already know, the Karaoke Shack has a forum too. So, not only can you post here on the blogs, you can post there too. In fact, there are general forums for all. Moreover, this is your invite to join both.

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