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Indeed, contact us about anything but please allow a little time for a reply

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Firstly, we are a friendly bunch here at the Karaoke Shack. Thus, you can get in touch with us about anything by using the form above. Obviously, if you find a problem with our website we would love to know so that we can correct things. Should you not receive a reply within 48 hours or find other difficulties contacting us, then we have a solution. In essence, you can easily join our Karaoke Forum and leave a message there.

Indeed you can get in touch with us on all karaoke matters. However, please ensure you have searched the site before you contact us. Moreover, we will ignore all correspondence if it is not legal.

As previously noted, we have a Karaoke Forum. Therefore, we now invite you over and introduce yourself. In fact, bookmark it and come back often. Obviously, we have many forum categories. Thus, we have a karaoke news section right through to an off topic lounge for anything and anyone!

Finally, we have shown many ways how you can interact with us. Moreover, we are an open and friendly bunch here. So, don’t delay, come and join us today!

Have you a question about karaoke? Contact us.

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