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Indeed, here we have the Cool Tracks Karaoke reviews page

Cool Tracks Karaoke (CTK) series

To begin with, we understand that just seven actual discs are in existence. In effect, there are three discs from the CTK series. Then there is a Fun Pack collection of four discs (CTFP).

In this case, we believe these discs are from around 2004. So, they are pretty old, however, they will be cheap on the second-hand market should you find them.

Cool Tracks Karaoke - CDG Fun Pack vol 1 - CTFP101
Watch out for those that are of poor quality though. Make sure you ask about their condition before you buy on places like ebay etc. Indeed, surface scratches on the CDG’s can cause bad graphics. Also, the tracks can skip.

To clarify, a forum member sent us the following disc ID list. Furthermore, there is a two page song list to accompany the discs.

Fun Pack:
Cool Tracks Karaoke - CTK0001 - CDG Disc Label
Cool Tracks Karaoke - CTFP103 - CDG Disc Label
Cool Tracks Karaoke - CTK0003 - CDG Disc Label

To sum up

Cool Tracks Karaoke - penguin listening to music
Are these Cool Tracks Karaoke as cool as their name suggests in reality? Obviously, more feedback on this collection is necessary. For example, is the quality acceptable? In other words, is the musical content good enough to gig with. Also, are the on-screen graphics good too? Furthermore, would you recommend them to another karaoke collector?
If you have the collection or just one Cool Tracks Karaoke disc, then please tell us what they are like. We are asking for that information now because on the old blogs we never needed this info. In brief, your thoughts and opinions will help others to decide if they should look for them to buy. Obviously, you can register here and tell us or you can also join our active Karaoke Forum.
Cool Tracks Karaoke - guitar on fire

Cool Tracks Karaoke Song Book Also

Now, we move on to the content of the discs. Obviously, without a song list we will not know what is actually on them.
Cool Tracks Karaoke - happy band playing instruments
Indeed, the song book to accompany the discs in the list above is on the next page. So, click the link below to access the Cool Tracks Karaoke song list.

View The Song Book

Finally, please bookmark our Home Page for future reference.

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