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Indeed, here is the Country Hits Today Karaoke reviews page

Country Hits Today Karaoke Series

To begin with, this is a collection of country karaoke discs that have non-vocal and with-vocal tracks. In other words, the first half of the disc has the traditional instrumental karaoke tracks. In contrast, the second half of the disc has the with-vocal tracks.

Obviously, this is ideal for those wishing to learn a new song. However, many karaoke disc collectors think discs like this are a waste of space.

Country Hits Today Karaoke CHT9910 CDG Front
All in all, Country Hits Today Karaoke are quite old. In fact, they date from around 1999. However, they may be good and well worth collecting. So, if you have any information about them, let us know.

Just to point out that although we got an image for CHT9802, the song list for it was not forthcoming. However, the songs are clearly in the list on the image below. Also, because of this, it may well be that the rest of the CHT98xx series is missing. So, if you have these, send us some images and a song list please. Indeed, if this happens we will instantly correct the list.

To clarify, here we list the disc ID numbers for those we are aware of. Obviously, thanks go out to a previous member who sent this list in a few years ago.




Country Hits Today Karaoke CHT9802 CDG Disc Label
Country Hits Today Karaoke - CHT9902 - CDG Disc Label
Country Hits Today Karaoke - CHT9912 - CDG Disc Label

To Sum Up

Generally speaking, country karaoke music is popular with many people. All in all, there is a myriad of country tracks out there on the market. In effect, our Independent Karaoke Labels Page shows this. However, we need to know if these discs are worth seeking out. Obviously, any information you can supply about these discs will help.

The Karaoke Shack also needs to find out what the quality of these music tracks are like. So does the rest of the karaoke community. In other words, are the the graphics and sound any good?
Country Hits Today Karaoke - hillbilly rock
On the whole, you can help future karaoke disc collectors by posting a small review. Therefore, should you have any experience with the above discs, post some comments.

Country Hits Today Karaoke Song Book Also

We do indeed have a song book to accompany all the discs in the list above. However, be aware that we have a label for one that is not in the song list. Also, that there may be missing discs from this series.

Finally, we give thanks to those who responded to our shout for more information. But, because of this stray label, we do feel that other discs may exist.

Country Hits Today Karaoke CHT9904 CDG Disc Front
In short, click the link below to inspect the Country Hits Today Karaoke song list.

View The Song Book

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