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Indeed, this is the Country Starz Karaoke reviews page

Country Starz Karaoke

Firstly, this is a set of karaoke discs on the Country Starz Karaoke label. Also, they may have a connection to another label like many other karaoke labels over the years. However, they do have their own unique identity and splash screen.

They are fairly old, but we do have a set of disc id numbers for them. In effect, this list will help out other KJ’s standardize their song books:

Country Starz Karaoke - guitar and cowboy hat on fence

Country Stars Karaoke Disc ID Numbers:

Country Starz Karaoke - CSZ201 CDG Disc Label
Country Starz Karaoke - CSZ202 CDG Disc Label
Country Starz Karaoke - CSZ203 CDG Disc Label

To Sum Up

Country Starz Karaoke - woman playing guitar
Just to point out, in the karaoke world many disc makers have close links with other karaoke producers. With this in mind, the label name on this series of country tracks end with the letter ‘Z’.  In this case, could there be links with Radio Starz and Big Hitz Karaoke. Of course, their parent company is A-Major Music (AMM). However, establishing a link is difficult without further information. So, if you know any knowledge about this set including its content then let us know.

All in all, karaoke collectors need to know what the quality of the music and graphics are like. The costs do come into it of course. But since most karaoke discs are fairly old, these will be selling cheap on the likes of ebay. Obviously, if you can supply any information on these discs, including the music content etc., we would be very grateful.

Country Starz Karaoke Song Book Also

Indeed, we do have a song book to accompany the discs in the list above. Obviously, many good songs are on the list from some famous country stars. In short, click the link below to access the Country Starz Karaoke song list.
Country Starz Karaoke - CSZ202 - CDG Back

View The Song Book

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