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Indeed, here is the Craig Karaoke disc identity and reviews page

Craig Karaoke Series

To begin with, Craig Karaoke have 12 discs that we are aware of. Indeed, they have their own colourful labels. Also, they have their own splash screens. So, they are pretty much unique.

However, there was a hint from certain quarters that they have a link to Sound Choice Karaoke. Obviously, more information about this link is necessary.

Craig Karaoke - CRK505 CDG Disc

In brief, we gave a shout out a while back for the less famous karaoke labels. Our old forum turned up some karaoke gems indeed. With this in mind, thanks to the members for unearthing them.

To clarify, here are the disc ID numbers for the Craig Karaoke Series:

Craig Karaoke - CRK507 CDG Disc
Craig Karaoke - CRK511 CDG Disc
Craig Karaoke - CRK516 CDG Disc

Different Categories Also

Although the list of discs here is small, the categories are varied. For example there are discs containing Country, Pop, Rock, Teen and Oldies hits. Obviously, this is not bad after a release of only a dozen discs. However, are they worth collecting?

In the event that members have these discs, please leave some feedback. One or two lines will do to explain the audio quality. Also, we need to know about  the state of the on-screen graphics. For example, are they good enough to gig with or just good enough for home use?

Just to point out that if anyone can show the link to Sound Choice Karaoke we would welcome this. Indeed, if the audio is the same, and collectors have them on the SC label, this would constitute duplication. Some collectors will snatch this collection as a matter of course. However, the Karaoke Shack helps the small karaoke collector to avoid duplications on account of cost and space.

To Sum Up

In general, when you search for Craig Karaoke, all that shows up are karaoke players/machines. As with all these small type CDG players, they are basically for kids.

Obviously, we are not knocking these systems. After all, they allow children to get into karaoke. Perhaps, these Craig Karaoke discs have a licence from SoundChoice Karaoke to compliment their machines?

Craig Karaoke cdg player kids machine

Craig Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously, we need a song book to accompany the above series. Indeed, we have this on the next page. Although it is only 2 pages long, we still need to appreciate the efforts of all karaoke makers. In short, click the link below to inspect the Craig Karaoke song list.

View The Song Book

Finally, show off your singing skills by posting a karaoke song in our Karaoke Showcase. Of course, you will find this in our massive Karaoke Forum. Obviously, if the song is from Craig Karaoke, all the better. So, click the ‘Forum’ tab at the top of every page and show off!

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