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Indeed, this is the Dangerous Karaoke discs and reviews page

Dangerous Karaoke Series

To begin with, these discs come in two distinct groups, Dangerous Hot Karaoke and Dangerous Rock Karaoke. The label is not making discs presently. However, they have left their mark in the karaoke world for sure. As a matter of fact, feedback so far suggests they are decent discs. So, thank you to those that sent in their lists and the small amount of feedback. But, we shout for more information below
Dangerous Karaoke DG08 disc
To clarify, here are the disc ID numbers for this Karaoke Series:

Hot Karaoke Set

Rock Karaoke

Dangerous Karaoke DG01 CDG Disc
Dangerous Karaoke DG03 CDG Disc Hot Hits
Dangerous Karaoke DG05 CDG Disc

To Sum Up

Early feedback suggests these Dangerous Karaoke discs are good, but more feedback is necessary. For instance, do the on-screen lyrics sync with the music? Also, is the music content palatable? Furthermore, did the Dangerous Karaoke producers go on to make more discs under another name? Above all, is it worth the time and money for a karaoke collector to search for these discs? Obviously, this would have to be on the second-hand market.

A collector of karaoke discs is looking for quality and value, but some desire the rarity of a particular label. However, many people look for certain karaoke songs only. With this in mind, should collectors go for these tracks?

Finally, rate the Dangerous Karaoke discs using the star rating system below. However, by writing a small review, you are helping the karaoke community big style. Moreover, you are helping your fellow karaoke disc collectors by making your opinions known.

Song Book Also

Not only is the list of discs above an attractive proposition to karaoke lovers, the song list is also impressive. Indeed, we have a 5 page song list to inspect and cross-reference.

Obviously, those with the prefix DGH refer to the Hot Hits Series. In contrast, those with the DG prefix refer to the Rock Series.

Dangerous Karaoke DG09 disc
In short, click the link below to access the song book for the above series’.

View The Song Book

Finally, we want to hear how the Dangerous Karaoke tracks sound. With this in mind, record one for us all to hear. Then post your song in our Karaoke Showcase in the extensive forum.

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