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The Daywind Karaoke producers still make karaoke music - please support the current disc makers.

Indeed, this is the Daywind Karaoke reviews page

The Daywind Karaoke Series’

This karaoke manufacturer is one of the handful of firms that still make karaoke and have an active website. The Daywind karaoke series discs are available to purchase all over the internet too. However, the new ones are selling for the standard rates. Be that as it may, get over to their site and support them and the artists.

We did see many second-hand ones going for as low as three dollars or less than two British pounds.

Daywind Karaoke - Favorite Hymns Vol 2 - DWFH2
So, bargains are there for the collector. However, be aware of the duplications in the disc identity below!

Indeed, with Daywind still producing, this list is always evolving. With this in mind, we will accept confirmation of new information. For instance, duplication with their discs and tracks. Indeed, this is a major concern for karaoke collectors. Also, are there other discs not on our lists? Obviously, we would need confirmation.

By and large, Daywind make spiritual types of karaoke discs. For example they make, Christian Karaoke, Gospel Karaoke, Praise and Worship Karaoke and even Rock.

Furthermore, since the Karaoke Shack team stay impartial on the individual labels, we only allow registered users to make comments. This is because we believe in totally independent reviews. With this in mind, should you have experiences with Daywind Karaoke discs, let us know. For example, have you worked with them? Indeed, have you any that you use at home?

As a matter of fact we all want to know what your opinions of the audio quality are. Also, how do you rate the on-screen graphics. Of course, we have put together a list of Daywind Karaoke discs and a song book.  Obviously, now our aim is to get as much information out to karaoke collectors as possible. So, your independent voice will help too.

Cataloguing Was Difficult Also

Our members are still continuing to help us update all information. However, in the early days things were slightly confusing. This is because there were lots of information suggesting many discs had similar tracks. In other words, some discs are similar but using a different ID prefix. Indeed, we highlight this below. Nevertheless, the Karaoke Shack is always looking to improve things. Obviously, if you see something wrong, correct us!

For the most part, karaoke jockeys are listing these slightly differently. However, we are listing both the most common method. In addition to the common disc ID we are also listing their aliases. So, cross-referencing these discs becomes easier. And, of course, collectors can eliminate duplications from their shopping list.

By and large, Daywind make the following types of karaoke discs: Christian Karaoke, Gospel Karaoke, Praise and Worship Karaoke and contemporary hits. Obviously, Christmas Karaoke discs are in abundance. However, there is a big country representation too.

Also, for those who need to learn songs, the Daywind Karaoke discs have the with-vocal tracks included. So, if you buy a disc with 12 songs, 6 are with-vocals and the other 6 are raw karaoke. In effect, you get 6 unique songs. Some people find this as a waste of money somewhat. However, some prefer the help of the vocals. Obviously, you see this in our fully comprehensive song book. Above all, it comes down to personal choice.

The following disc ID numbers are from Daywind karaoke series. In brief, we found the following list pleasantly surprising having so many discs. But, as previously pointed out, there are dupes. Because of this, it took ages to sift and sort them out. So, we present them as up to date as possible.

Daywind Karaoke - Bluegrass Gospel 4 - DWBG4 - CDG
Daywind Karaoke - Kids Christmas Vol 1 - DWKCH1 CDG
Daywind Karaoke - Kirk Franklin Vol 1`

Firstly, Daywind Karaoke DW0xxx Series:

DW0156 – Worship Greats Vol 1
DW0201 – Jesus Culture Vol 1
DW0226 – Jeff & Sheri Easter Vol 3
DW0227 – Campmeeting Songs Vol 4
DW0231 – Singing Cookes Vol 1
DW0267 – Booth Brothers Vol 2
DW0269 – Favorite Hymns Vol 8
DW0385 – Bethel Music Vol 1
DW0398 – Songs Of The King Vol 3

Daywind Karaoke DW13xx Series Also:

DW1356 AKA DWCCH1 – Contemporary Christian Hits Vol 1
DW1357 AKA DWPW1 – Praise & Worship Vol 1
DW1358 AKA DWSS1 – Soulful Sounds Vol 1
DW1359 AKA DWCLS1 – Country Love Songs Vol 1
DW1360 AKA DWSGH1 – Southern Gospel Hits Vol 1
DW1361 AKA DWLS1 – Love Songs Vol 1
DW1362 AKA DWFH1 – Favourite Hymns Vol 1
DW1363 AKA DWBG1 – Bluegrass Gospel Vol 1
DW1364 AKA DWKCH1 – Kids Christian Hits Vol 1
DW1365 AKA DWCGH1 – Country Gospel Hits Vol 1
DW1366 AKA DWSGH2 – Southern Gospel Hits Vol 2
DW1367 AKA DWCCH2 – Contemporary Christian Hits Vol 2
DW1368 AKA DWKCH2 – Kids Christian Hits Vol 2
DW1369 AKA DWPW2 – Praise & Worship Vol 2
DW1370 AKA DWPF1 – Patriotic Favourites Vol 1

Daywind Karaoke DW2xxx Series Also:

DW2064 – William McDowell Vol 1

Daywind Karaoke - Alan Jackson Vol 1 - DWAJ1
Daywind Karaoke - Kids Christian Hits Vol 3 DWKCH3
Daywind Karaoke - Perrys Vol 2 DWPERRYS2

Daywind Karaoke DW3xxx Series Also:

DW3000 AKA DW6814 – Crabb Family, The Vol 2
DW3174 AKA DW6901 – Songs of Friendship Vol 2
DW3177 AKA DW6904 – Patriotic Favourites Vol 3
DW3178 AKA DW6905 – Country Love Songs Vol 3
DW3179 AKA DW6906 – Campmeeting Songs Vol 1
DW3192 AKA DW6918 – Praise & Worship Vol 4
DW3193 AKA DW6919 – Contemporary Christian Hits Vol 4
DW3194 AKA DW6920 – Country Gospel Hits Vol 4
DW3197 AKA DW6923 – Southern Gospel Hits Vol 5
DW3198 AKA DW6924 – Southern Gospel Hits Vol 6
DW3206 AKA DW6932 – Favourite Hymns Vol 5
DW3209 AKA DW6935 – Favourite Hymns Vol 5
DW3212 AKA DW6938 – Songs of Redemption Vol 1
DW3213 AKA DW6939 – Songs of Redemption Vol 1
DW3221 AKA DW6937 – Karen Wheaton Vol 1
DW3781 AKA DW7484 – Southern Gospel Hits Vol 7

Daywind Karaoke DW40xx Series Also:

DW4000 AKA DW7703 – Goodmans, The
DW4001 AKA DW7704 – Donny McClurkin
DW4002 AKA DW7705 – McKameys, The
DW4003 AKA DW7706 – Natalie Grant
DW4004 AKA DW7707 – Various
DW4005 AKA DW7708 – Various
DW4006 AKA DW7709 – Sandi Patti
DW4007 AKA DW7710 – Michael W.
DW4008 AKA DW7711 – Bryon Cage
DW4009 AKA DW7712 – Craig & Dean Phillips
DW4010 AKA DW7713 – Marvin Sapp

Daywind Karaoke DW42xx To DW46xx Also:

DW4219 AKA DW7905 – Janet Paschel Vol 1
DW4220 AKA DW7906 – Amy Grant Vol 1
DW4221 AKA DW7907 – Brian Free & Assurance
DW4225 AKA DW7911 – Soulful Worship Vol 2
DW4226 AKA DW7912 – Cathederals, The Vol 1
DW4227 AKA DW7913 – Michael Combs Vol 2
DW4229 AKA DW7915 – Yolanda Adams Vol 1
DW4611 AKA DW8283 – Songs Of Whitney Houston Vol 1
DW4612 AKA DW8284 – Songs Of Whitney Houston Vol 2
DW4618 AKA DW8290 – Southern Gospel Radio Hits Vol 1
DW4619 AKA DW8291 – Contemporary Radio Hits Vol 1
DW4620 AKA DW8292 – Top Praise Songs Vol 1
DW4621 AKA DW8293 – Soulful Gospel Radio Hits Vol 1

Daywind Karaoke DW5xxx Series Also:

DW5734 AKA DWKXMAS1 – Kids Christmas Vol 1
DW5777 AKA DWCGH2 – Country Gospel Hits Vol 2
DW5778 AKA DWCM1 – Celebrating Mom Vol
DW5779 AKA DWFH3 – Favourite Hymns Vol 3
DW5780 AKA DW9453 & DWCD1 – Celebrating Dad Vol 1
DW5846 AKA DW9520 & DWMW1 – Modern Worship Vol 1
DW5847 AKA DWSS2 – Soulful Sounds Vol 2
DW5848 AKA DWD1 – Duets Vol 1
DW5894 AKA DWTXMAS1 – Traditional Christmas Vol 1
DW5895 AKA DWTXMAS2 – Traditional Christmas Vol 2
DW5990 AKA DWCF1 – Crabb Family, The Vol 1
DW5991 AKA DWMW2 – Modern Worship Vol 2
DW5992 AKA DWTGO1 – The Goodmans Vol 1
DW5993 AKA DWCM2 – Celebrating Mom Vol 2
DW5994 AKA DWCD2 – Celebrating Dad Vol 2
DW5995 AKA DWBG2 – Bluegrass Gospel Vol 2
DW5997 AKA DWCHLS1 – Christian Love Songs Vol 1
DW5998 AKA DWTHOP1 – The Hoppers Vol 1
DW5999 AKA DWKCH3 – Kids Christian Hits Vol 3

Daywind Karaoke - Casting Crowns Vol 3 DWCC2
Daywind Karaoke - Dottie Rambo Vol 1 - DWDR1
Daywind Karaoke - Songs About Heaven Vol 2 DWSAH2

Daywind Karaoke DW60xx Also:

DW6000 AKA DWSEL1 – Selah Vol 1
DW6001 AKA DWCLS2 – Country Love Songs Vol 2
DW6002 AKA DWMC1 – Michael Combs Vol 1
DW6003 AKA DWSGH3 – Southern Gospel Hits Vol 3
DW6003D AKA DWTD1 – Third Day Vol 1
DW6004 AKA DWMWS1 – Michael W
DW6005 AKA DWTXMAS3 – Traditional Christmas Vol 3
DW6006 AKA DWCXMAS2 – Country Christmas Vol 2
DW6007 AKA DWSS3 – Soulful Sounds Vol 3
DW6008 AKA DWJV1 – Jaci Valesquez Vol 1
DW6009 AKA DWPW3 – Praise & Worship Vol 3
DW6070 AKA DWBG3 – Bluegrass Gospel Vol 3

Daywind Karaoke DW66xx Also:

DW6637 AKA DWHAE1 – He’s Alive (Easter) 1
DW6638 AKA DWHAE2 – He’s Alive (Easter) 2
DW6640 AKA DWCCH3 – Contemporary Christian Hits Vol 3
DW6642 AKA DWCC1 – Casting Crowns Vol 1
DW6643 AKA DWi1 – The Isaacs Vol 1
DW6644 AKA DWRT1 – Randy Travis Vol 1
DW6645 AKA DWMSC1 – Mark Schultz Vol 1
DW6646 AKA DWCCW1 – CeCe Winans Vol 1
DW6647 AKA DWSGH4 – Southern Gospel Hits Vol 4
DW6648 AKA DWCGH3 – Country Gospel Hits Vol 3
DW6649 AKA DWKCH4 – Kids Christian Hits Vol 4
DW6651 AKA DWSEL2 – Selah Vol 2
DW6654 AKA DWKF1 – Kirk Franklin Vol 1
DW6654 AKA DWKF1 – Kirk Franklin Vol 1 (320)
DW6655 AKA DWCTXMAS2 – Contemporary Christmas Vol 2
DW6656 AKA DW9933 & DWCXMAS3 – Country Christmas Vol 3
DW6657 AKA DWFH4 – Favourite Hymns Vol 4
DW6676 AKA DWPERRYS1 – The Perry’s Vol 1
DW6685 AKA DWTH1 – The Hinsons Vol 1

Daywind Karaoke DW67xx DW68xx Also:

DW6723 AKA DWPF2 – Patriotic Favourites Vol 2
DW6807 AKA DW8122 & DWLS2 – Love Songs Vol 2
DW6808 AKA DWSS4 – Soulful Sounds Vol 4
DW6809 AKA DWCHLS2 – Christian Love Songs Vol 2
DW6810 AKA DWST1 – Songs of Thanksgiving Vol 1
DW6811 AKA DWSOF1 – Songs of Friendship Vol 1
DW6813 AKA DWTT1 – The Talleys Vol 1
DW6814 AKA DWCF2 – Crabb Family, The Vol 2

Daywind Karaoke DW690x To DW692x Also:

DW6901 AKA DWSOF2 – Songs of Friendship Vol 2
DW6904 AKA DWPF3 – Patriotic Favouirites Vol 3
DW6905 AKA DWCLS3 – Country Love Songs Vol 3
DW6906 AKA DWCMS1 – Campmeeting Songs Vol 1
DW6918 AKA DWPW4 – Praise & Worship Vol 4
DW6919 AKA DWCCH4 – Contemporary Christian Hits Vol 4
DW6920 AKA DWCGH4 – Country Gospel Hits Vol 4
DW6921 AKA DWJSE1 – Jeff & Sheri Easter Vol 1
DW6922 AKA DWSAH1 – Songs About Heaven Vol 1
DW6923 AKA DWSGH5 – Southern Gospel Hits Vol 5
DW6924 AKA DWSGH6 – Southern Gospel Hits Vol 6
DW6925 AKA DWDR1 – Songs by Dottie Rambo Vol 1
DW6926 AKA DWCTXMAS3 – Contemporary Christmas Vol 3
DW6927 AKA DWCXMAS4 – Country Christmas Vol 4
DW6928 AKA DWTXMAS4 – Traditional Christmas Vol 4
DW6929 AKA DWKPNR1 – Karen Peck & New River Vol 1

Daywind Karaoke DW693x Also:

DW6930 AKA DWBG4 – Bluegrass Gospel Vol 4
DW6931 AKA DWSS5 – Soulful Sounds Vol 5
DW6932 AKA DWFH5 – Favourite Hymns Vol 5
DW6933 AKA DWCCH5 – Contemporary Christian Hits Vol 5
DW6934 AKA DWJJ1 – Judy Jacobs Vol 1
DW6935 AKA DWCLS4 – Country Love Songs Vol 4
DW6936 AKA DWCR1 – Christian Rock Vol 1
DW6937 AKA DWKW1 – Karen Wheaton Vol 1
DW6938 AKA DWSOR1 – Songs of Redemption Vol 1
DW6939 AKA DWSOR2 – Songs of Redemption Vol 2

Further Lists Are On Page Two

Since the bigger karaoke labels have multi-pages, these disc identification numbers are continued on the next page. In the case of Daywind Karaoke, their discs are exaggerated with duplicates. But, this is why we exist – to prevent people wasting money.

At this point however, should you need to jump directly to the Daywind song book instead, click the link below.

View The Song Book

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