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Indeed, here is our comprehensive karaoke directory

Karaoke Directory – Independent Manufacturers And Labels

To begin with, the majority of independent karaoke labels are no longer with us. However, the used market for karaoke discs is still active. Indeed, karaoke disc collectors are still looking for bargains. For that reason, it’s important that we understand the differences between them. Also, with duplication of karaoke tracks across the different labels, cross-referencing is necessary. With this in mind, you can save money by choosing carefully. Also, you can save space too!
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Of course, we went out of the way to compile this karaoke directory with our members. Obviously, we asked KJ’s to send in their song book lists. Moreover, we had to sift through each one over the years. This was indeed a massive task. However, with most karaoke firms no longer producing, these lists will hardly change now.

Therefore, on each page, we list the disc ID numbers for the individual karaoke producers. As a result, we see lists like most karaoke jockeys’ use in their song books. Thus, we list all the individual karaoke labels that have ever existed. Obviously, if you know of others – let us know!

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In effect, we are listing this karaoke directory in good faith. This is because its not possible to verify every karaoke label or even the discs. So, we can’t guarantee that all information is correct. For that reason, if you think there is some information missing or not correct, please let us know. Indeed, some sort of proof would be helpful.

Karaoke Song Books Also

Of course, the disc identities are fully comprehensive. However, collectors need to know the contents of the discs. Indeed, while compiling the disc ID numbers, individual song lists became the next step. Therefore, each karaoke label has its own song book. Moreover, you can view the song books which have their own page. In fact, you can even download the karaoke song books too. For those who want customised karaoke song books, we can also supply those too. So, if you want us to customise your karaoke song books, consider becoming a Platinum Member.

Karaoke Manufacturers Directory In Full:


01) A-Major Music
02) All Country Karaoke
03) All Hits Karaoke
04) All Star Karaoke
05) Ameri-Sing Karaoke
06) American Idol Karaoke
07) American Karaoke Supply
08) Atoy Karaoke
09) Australian & NZ Karaoke


01) Backstage Karaoke
02) BCI Eclipse Karaoke
03) Best Karaoke
04) Best of Karaoke
05) Big Country Karaoke
06) Big Fish Christian Karaoke
07) Big Hits Karaoke
08) Big Hitz Karaoke Series
09) Big Machine Records Karaoke
10) Boom Box Karaoke
11) Bright Spark Karaoke
12) Buy Karaoke Downloads


01) Canadian Karaoke
02) Capital Karaoke Australia
03) CAVS Karaoke
04) Chart Hits Monthly Karaoke
05) Chart Toppers Karaoke
06) Chartbuster Karaoke
07) Children’s Audio Productions
08) Christian Karaoke
09) City Entertainment Group
10) Clifton Music Karaoke
11) Club Karaoke
12) Coast To Coast Karaoke
13) Compass Productions Karaoke
14) Cool Tracks Karaoke
15) Country Hits Monthly Karaoke
16) Country Hits Today Karaoke
17) Country Karaoke Classics
18) Country Starz Karaoke
19) Craig Karaoke Karaoke
20) Current Hits Karaoke


01) Dangerous Karaoke
02) Daywind Karaoke
03) Demon Music Group Karaoke
04) Disney Karaoke
05) DK Karaoke
06) Doctor Music Karaoke
07) Down Under Karaoke
08) Druid Performance Tracks
09) Dynamo Karaoke


01) Easy-Essential Karaoke
02) Encore Audio Karaoke
03) EZ KEY Karaoke


01) Fasttrax Karaoke
02) Fat Cockerel Karaoke
03) Five Star Karaoke
04) FM – XMAS Karaoke
05) Forever Hits Karaoke


01) Gamesman Karaoke


01) Helluvadisc Karaoke
02) HomeStar Karaoke
03) Honky Cat Karaoke
04) Hot Line Karaoke
05) Hot Stuff Karaoke
06) House Party Karaoke


01) Idol Makers Karaoke


01) Jive Bunny Karaoke
02) JVC Karaoke Series


01) K-Tel Karaoke
02) Karaoke Bay
03) Karaoke Classics
04) Karaoke Cloud
05) Karaoke Klub Super Hits
06) Karaoke Kurrents
07) Karaoke Station (English)
08) Karaoke Version
09) Karaokemaker
10) Keynote Karaoke
11) Kids Direct Karaoke
12) Killer Karaoke
13) KJ Tools Karaoke


01) Laser Direct Karaoke
02) Laughing Gnome Karaoke
03) Legends Karaoke
04) Lucky Star Karaoke


01) Madacy Karaoke Series
02) Magic Tracks Karaoke
03) Master Tone Karaoke
04) Mastermix Chart Hits Karaoke
05) Mega CDG Karaoke
06) Megahits Karaoke
07) Megavox Karaoke Series
08) Memorex Karaoke Series
09) Monster Hits Karaoke
10) Mr Entertainer Karaoke
11) Music Factory Karaoke
12) Music Maestro Karaoke


01) Nashville Star Karaoke
02) National Singing Contest
03) Nikkodo Karaoke Series
04) North Star Karaoke
05) Nutech Karaoke


01) Omnibus Karaoke
02) Open Mic Karaoke
03) Open Mike Karaoke
04) Other Karaoke Labels


01) Passionhouse Karaoke
02) Phoenix Karaoke
03) Pioneer Karaoke
04) Pocket Songs Karaoke
05) Pop Hits Monthly Karaoke
06) Pop Singles Monthly Karaoke
07) Power Hits Karaoke
08) Priddis Karaoke
09) Pro Hits Karaoke
10) Protrax Karaoke Series


01) Quick Hits Karaoke


01) Radio Starz Karaoke
02) Rare Cuts Karaoke
03) RCA Karaoke
04) Rebel Sync Karaoke
05) Rhythm & Blues Karaoke
06) Rising Star Karaoke


01) SBI Karaoke
02) Screen Tracks Karaoke
03) Sing It Now Karaoke
04) Sing King Karaoke
05) Sing To The World Karaoke
06) Singers Dream Karaoke
07) Singers Solution Karaoke
08) Singing Machine Karaoke
09) Single Artist Karaoke
10) Song Factory Karaoke
11) Sony-BMG Karaoke
12) Sound Choice Karaoke
13) Sound Images Karaoke
14) Standing Ovation Karaoke
15) Stage Stars Karaoke
16) Star Tracks Karaoke
17) Starcaster Karaoke
18) Stardisc Karaoke
19) Starmaker Karaoke
20) Star Quest Karaoke
21) Sundown Karaoke
22) Sunfly Karaoke
23) Super Best Karaoke
24) Super Trax Karaoke
25) Supercore Karaoke
26) Superstar Karaoke
27) Sweet Georgia Brown Karaoke
28) Sybersound Karaoke


01) TipTop Karaoke
02) Top Hits Monthly Karaoke
03) Top Tunes Karaoke
04) Toshiba Karaoke
05) Turn Up The Music Karaoke


01) U-best Karaoke
02) Union Square Music
03) UK Karaoke
04) Ultimate Karaoke


01) Xtreme Professional Karaoke


01) ZOOM Karaoke

Still For Sale

Generally speaking, the majority of the independent karaoke labels above no longer produce karaoke. They either went out of business or ceased production because of other reasons. However, you can still buy their discs from places such as ebay. Obviously, karaoke disc collectors using ebay, should search world-wide and not just their own country. So. switch ebay’s search facility over accordingly.

Obviously, ask about the condition of the discs before you buy second-hand over the internet. After all, poor discs could cause problems. Indeed, the graphics can suffer. Also, the tracks can skip. Above all, beware of discs that are obviously copies and report those that you suspect are.

Current Independent Karaoke Labels

Its nice to know we still have a few karaoke producers around today. With this in mind, here is a list of the karaoke firms that currently make karaoke discs or downloadable tracks. All in all, we believe we have every manufacturer in this karaoke directory. But, if you know of others, let us know. Obviously, keep the karaoke flowing by purchasing directly from them. So buy direct from the makers.

In effect, here are the links to their own websites:

To Sum Up The Karaoke Directory

Obviously, each one of the karaoke labels in the list above has a rating system on their page. So, in an effort to help karaoke collectors choose which karaoke to buy, please consider ranking them accordingly. Since collecting karaoke discs is an expensive hobby, this will help others decide what discs to choose.
Independent Karaoke Labels - karaoke directory - man running on spinning cd

In effect, the big karaoke manufacturers that survived, will score highly. Labels such as Zoom and Sunfly will get a lot of good ratings. After all, those labels managed to see through the times when karaoke disc sales fell rapidly. So, with this in mind, please consider rating those, but don’t forget the older karaoke manufacturers. Obviously, the reason why we want you to rank older karaoke discs is to allow collectors make sound buying decisions. Also, this will also help establish what karaoke fans consider are the better ones.


Now that the karaoke directory is complete, it should not change. This is because, we believe all current and previous labels are in the above list. Indeed, most corresponding song books will not change too much either. Obviously, those that are currently producing may change. In effect, we rely on members to help us update the song books. With this in mind, keep sending in newly released karaoke identities. Also, keep them in this order – Disc/Track ID number, Artist, Title. Moreover, if you can send us an image of the label it will help further.

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