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Disney Karaoke Series

Here’s a karaoke label that must surely appeals to the kids market – the Disney Series Karaoke. However, we really can’t see many KJ’s humping these discs around. Unless you know better! The Karaoke Shack team have indeed not heard any of these discs. But we have a list of disc ID numbers from forum members. Disney karaoke disc ID’s look rather strange and many have ‘also known as’ ‘PS’. So, if you think you know what the ‘PS’ refers to, let us know. Indeed, let us know if the list should have some adjustments.
Disney Karaoke - Frozen -DISFROZEN

In order to collate all these Disney Karaoke discs into an easily understood catalogue, we needed the members’ song books. However, nobody had the entire collection. In fact, most karaoke jockeys had only the odd disc. So, as a result it took quite a while to gather the information. But, we did it and also put together a song book too. Indeed, that song book is on the next page. Obviously, you can cross-reference it when necessary. Moreover, it is available to download too.

To clarify, we list the complete set of Disney Karaoke disc ID’s that karaoke jockeys use.

Disney Karaoke - Cars - discars
Disney Karaoke The Cheetah Girls DISCHTHG1
Disney Karaoke Princess - DISPRNCS1

Disney Series Discs A To C

01) Aladdin (Disney) – DIS611847-DISALADN
02) Beach Boys Disney Style – DIS613247-DISBEACHP
03) Broadway 1 (Disney) – DIS369802-DISBRDWY1 (AKA PS4008)
04) Broadway 2 (Disney) – DIS369902-DISBRDWY2 (AKA PS4009)
05) Brother Bear & Tarzan (Disney) – DIS610527-DISBROBR
06) Camp Rock 1 (Disney) – DIS204802-DISCMPRCK1 (AKA PS2690)
07) Camp Rock 2 (Disney) – DIS629102-DISCMPRCK2 (AKA PS6692)
08) Cars (Disney) – DIS616327-DISCARS
09) Channel 1 (Disney) – DIS415002-DISCHNL1 (AKA PS5002)
10) Cheetah Girls One World, The (Disney) – DIS204702-DISCHTHGONW (AKA PS2683)
11) Cheetah Girls, The 1 (Disney) – DIS610697-DISCHTHG1
12) Cheetah Girls, The 2 (Disney) – DIS616337-DISCHTHG2
13) Chicken Little (Disney) – DIS613837-DISCHICK
14) Children’s Favourite Songs (Disney) – DIS400302-DISCFS01 (AKA PS4442)
15) Christmas Favourites (Disney) – DIS611857-DISXMAS (AKA PS4443)

Disney Series Discs D to H

16) Disneymania 1 – DIS612477-DISMANIA1
17) Disneymania 2 – DIS613527-DISMANIA2
18) Dudes (Disney) – DISDUDES
19) Frozen (Disney) – DISFROZEN
20) Girlz Rock (Disney) – DIS091002-DISGIRLZ
21) Greatest Hits (Disney) – DIS610097-DISGRTST
22) Hannah Montana 1 (Disney) – DID049102-DISHAMO1
23) Hannah Montana 2 (Disney) – DIS204002-DISHAMO2 (AKA PS8709)
24) Hannah Montana 3 (Disney) – DIS525802-DISHAMO3 (AKA PS5614)
25) Hannah Montana The Movie (Disney) – DIS448002-DISHMTM (AKA PS8126)

26) High School Musical (Disney) – DIS616347-DISHSM
27) High School Musical 2 (Disney) – DIS068902-DISHSM2
28) High School Musical 3 (Disney) – DIS300803-DISHSM3 (AKA PS3279)
29) Hilary Duff (Disney) – DIS613237-DISHDUFF

Disney Series Discs J to L

30) Jesse McCartney (Disney) – DIS613907 or DISJMARTNEY or JMCCART
31) Jonas Brothers (Disney) – DIS224502-DISJONAS (AKA PS4809)
32) Jungle Book (Disney) – DISJNGLBK – NO GRAPHICS
33) Karaoke Vol 1 (Disney) – DIS606737-DISVOL1 (AKA PS6737)
34) Karaoke Vol 2 (Disney) – DIS606747-DISVOL2 (AKA PS6747)
35) Karaoke Vol 3 (Disney) – DIS607097-DISVOL3 (AKA PS7097)
36) Kim Possible (Disney) – DIS612787-DISKIMPO
37) Lion King, The (Disney) – DIS610107-DISLNKNG
38) Little Mermaid (Disney) – DIS612717-DISMRMD
39) Lizzy McGuire (Disney) – DIS610117-DISLZZMG

Disney Series M To Z

40) Mary Poppins (Disney) – DIS612017-DISMARYP
41) Miley Cyrus (Disney) – DIS191102-DISMILCYR
42) Phineas & Ferb (Disney) – DIS559202-DISPHFB (AKA PS5974)
43) Pixar Duets (Disney) – DIS610537-DISPXRDTS
44) Princess 1 (Disney) – DIS610127-DISPRNCS1
45) Princess 2 (Disney) – DIS613827-DISPRNCS2
46) Princess Music Box (Disney) – DIS400502-DISPMB (AKA PS4446)
47) Queen Vol1 (Disney) – DIS068802-DISQUEEN1
48) Radio Disney Chart Toppers Vol 1 – DIS611867-DISRADIO1
49) Radio Disney Chart Toppers Vol 2 – DIS613817-DISRADIO2
50) Rascal Flatts (Disney) – DIS416002-DISRFLATTS (AKA PS4603)
51) Selena Gomez & The Scene (Disney) – DIS415902-DISSGOMEZSCENE & DISSELG (AKA PS4602)
52) Shake It Up (Disney) – DISSIUP
53) Teen Beach Movie (Disney) – DISTNBCH
54) That’s So Raven (Disney) – DIS612777-DISRAVEN
55) Theme Park Favourites (Disney) – DIS613407-DISTHMPRK

In Addition to the above there is another disc – DISNEY01

Disney Karaoke Teen Beach 2
Disney Karaoke The Lion King - DIS610107
Disney Karaoke Girlz Rock - DIS091002

To Sum Up

The Karaoke Shack applaud anyone who makes karaoke in all its forms and we also applaud Disney. Of course, Disney are still around. No doubt they will still make an odd disc as time goes by. On the whole, Disney are famous the world over for their ability to entertain. Also, their attention to detail is second to none. Indeed, their brand name guarantees plenty of sales regardless.

Most of the stuff they produce is quality, but does this apply to the karaoke discs with their name attached? With this in mind, do you use these Disney Series Karaoke discs and what is the quality like? In effect, is the music quality good? Also, are the graphics good enough to gig with. Moreover, would you recommend these Disney Karaoke discs?

Disney Karaoke - Childrens Favourite Songs - DIS400302-PS4442
By and large, we aim to bring reviewers into the Karaoke Shack to write their opinions. Indeed, the team at the Shack tend not to do that. This is so that we don’t appear biased. Obviously, you can write a review. However, you need to register first. All in all, future karaoke disc buyers will be relying on karaoke reviews to help in their decisions. So, please help out future disc buyers and let us know whether these Disney Karaoke discs are worth pursuing.

We still have a voting system for karaoke manufacturers. Moreover, non-members can also vote. Indeed, the star rating system is at the bottom of each karaoke collection. Obviously, click on the stars from 1 to 10. By doing this you are still stating an opinion of some sort about the discs. Once you have done that, consider doing the same with the rest in our extensive Karaoke Directory.

Disney Karaoke Song Book Also

Now that we have the above information, we need a song list. Indeed, we have that on the next page. For example, without this list you will have no idea what is on the individual discs. Moreover, read this disc identity page together with the song book page for better cross-referencing. Another key point, is by doing this, you can avoid dupes. In short, click the link below to access the full track listing for Disney Karaoke.

View The Song Book

Finally, bookmark our Home Page and call back often. In order to help other karaoke disc collectors you could make a comment or two. Obviously, voting on the karaoke collections will help too.

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4 Responses to Disney Karaoke Series

  1. jomarch says:

    PS stands for Pocket Songs

    Both Disney and Pocket Songs apparently teamed up at one time

  2. Slinky says:

    Very interesting as I can’t see a corresponding disc on the Pocket Songs collection.

    Could it be that Pocket Songs made many discs for Disney?

  3. Jeff_Ehlert says:

    Disney Karaoke Series are made by Disney Company. The PS does stand for Pocket Songs, as they made discs with the same songs (mostly before Disney started their own). Track listings will be DIFFERENT!

    I work with a Family Karoke venue and we use these a lot! They are mostly original soundtracks (except old ones like Mary Poppins) and are of good quality, with easy for kids to read graphics. I try to keep up with any new ones that come out!

  4. ctlw83 says:

    The karaoke tracks produced directly by Disney are almost second to none in most, but not all, cases. Most of the tracks use the direct backing track from the films songs are from, with the odd exception here or there.

    There are some oddities, such as The Lion King having both songs from the original movie and from the musical and sequels.

    Occasionally you will get a lower-quality semi-MIDI track but, the vast majority are from the original scores.

    Contrary to what one reviewer said, the Mary Poppins soundtrack seems to be the original score which is the precise reason it sounds lower in quality.

    As someone who does karaoke for fun, mostly with my family, these CD’s are a MUST HAVE. Great quality, great fun, and some even have graphics pulled from the animated features themselves.

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