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Indeed, this is the Doctor Music Karaoke reviews page

Doctor Music Karaoke Series

To begin with, this is a small collection of four karaoke discs. Indeed, they have their own labels and covers etc. But, as ever, this producer does not make karaoke now. As a result, what you see in the list below is what you get.

With this in mind, both the list of discs and the song book will not change. Also, from the song list we can there are some decent songs in the collection. But, how do they perform?

Doctor Music Karaoke - DM104 - Front Cover

To clarify, we are listing the disc ID numbers as sent in a while back:

Doctor Music Karaoke - DM101 - Label - Simon and Garfunkel Anthology
Doctor Music Karaoke - DM103 - Label - Male Super Rockers of the 80's
Doctor Music Karaoke - DM104 - Label - Kiss This

To Sum Up

Obviously, we would like further information about these karaoke disc releases. In particular, does the Doctor Music Karaoke collection have links to any other karaoke manufacturer?

In fact, the Karaoke Shack is going to have to rely on member feedback. Obviously this is to confirm the quality of the music. Of course, if you have the set of Doctor Music Karaoke discs, make a comment below.

Doctor Music Karaoke - DM101 - Front Cover - Simon and Garfunkel Anthology
For instance, are they worth looking for on the second-hand market? Also, more importantly, how do they look and sound?

In essence, avid Karaoke collectors will possibly chase this set up regardless. This is because there appears to be only four discs. Obviously, having a complete collection from one label is the aim. However, most other karaoke disc collectors will need to know if it is worthwhile searching for these.

Doctor Music Karaoke Song Book Also

Seeing that there was only a handful of karaoke discs coming from this firm, the song list isn’t that large. However it is complete and will not change. Be that as it may, click the link below to inspect the Doctor Music Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

Finally, check out the full list of karaoke manufacturers here and don’t forget to rate your favourite ones.

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