Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke

Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke - Stonehenge gathering

Indeed, this is the Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke Disc ID page at The Shack

Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke

To begin with, there is very little information available about this karaoke series. But, we do know it is an old series and they do not karaoke discs any more. Furthermore, its possibly a very rare karaoke collection as we found no trace of it on the internet either.

However, there are Possibly 15 discs in the Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke series. We say possibly because a member sent us a list without disc number two.

Druid Performance Tracks - Engelbert Humperdinck - DPT2008 - Label

Moreover, we have been in possession of this list for ages. In fact, it was the only one available to us. But luckily, a song list did accompany it. Of course, as ever, all information and comments on this karaoke collection is welcome.

To clarify, here we list all the discs from Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke that we know of:


* No information available, so assume it doesn’t exist. Therefore, more information is necessary.

Druid Performance Tracks - Dance Fever - DPT2009 - Label
Druid Performance Tracks - Frank Sinatra Vol II - DPT2012 - Label
Druid Performance Tracks - Old Country - DPT2014 - Label

To Sum Up

This is yet another short term karaoke label that is no more. However, the Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke label did release 14 or possibly 15 karaoke discs. In short, we say this because we can’t trace DPT2002. So, if you know any information about that disc, let us know.

If you have played Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke and would like to give us a review please do so. All in all, at the Karaoke Shack, we aim to provide information to help others decide if its worth buying certain karaoke discs. So, if you would like to provide information about the company that produced them this will help.

Also, a review as to the quality of the tracks will be more than welcome. On the whole, just exactly was the music like on these discs and were the graphics legible etc?

Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke cartoon female

Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke Song Book Also

Indeed, without a song list from the disc in the list above, we will not know what is on them. However, we did acquire a song list for the above list. Furthermore, we consider it lucky that we did. This is because we did not receive any further information other than the disc prefixes and the song book from one source. So, leave a comment for the karaoke community where possible please.

In short, click the link below to inspect the Druid Performance Tracks Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

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