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Indeed, here is the Dynamo Karaoke disc identity and reviews page

To begin with, this Dynamo Karaoke series consists of three individual discs. Also, they are artist specific. In other words, each disc has a different artist. Indeed, these are The Beatles, The Drifters and Buddy Holly.

In the first place, one of our previous members gave us the information on this page. With this in mind, thanks to that member who was on the old forum. Obviously, we welcome other information on this series.

So, what have we got on the Dynamo Karaoke series? Firstly, we have disc identifying prefix numbers he used in his song book. Then we have a song list for the three discs.

To clarify, here are the three disc ID numbers:

Dynamo Karaoke - DYN3001 - Label - song lists
Dynamo Karaoke - DYN3002 - Label - Karaoke Shack song books
Dynamo Karaoke - DYN3003 - Label - Karaoke Shack rare labels

To Sum Up

The Dynamo Karaoke series is indeed very hard to get hold of. In fact, we saw no track on our searches. However, one member had these discs as we can see. Then it makes sense that others will have them too.

So, what are we looking for? Well, the Karaoke Shack exists to help others karaoke collectors make decisions. Obviously, if these are other gems out there then we want to know. Therefore, tell us about the musical qualities. Also, tell us what you think of the on-screen lyrics. For example do they match up with the beat etc.

This is the disc identity and reviews page for Dynamo Karaoke, so we prefer comments about these discs here. However, we allow comments where practical. Also, there is a karaoke forum where just about anything goes.

Dynamo Karaoke Song Book Also

Indeed, we do have a song list for the Dynamo Karaoke series. However, it is only one page long. This is because there are only three discs to cover. Of course, it is full to the brim with classic tracks. In short, click the link below to inspect the song book for this rare karaoke series.

View The Song Book

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