Easy Karaoke Song Book

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Indeed, this is the Easy Karaoke Song Book including the Essential label


Easy Karaoke Song Book

Of course, this song list includes all Easy Karaoke and the Essential Karaoke. However, it also includes all the series’ and the packs. Also in the list is the Guinness Top 100 British Hit Singles karaoke series. So, all the karaoke tracks are on the list. So, inspect the Easy Karaoke Song Book and if you see some discs you like, buy some.

Indeed, the staff at the Karaoke Shack will never influence people to buy into a particular karaoke label. However, feedback so far suggests that you can’t go wrong by investing in some. So, if you do buy any, come back and tell us what you think about them. With this in mind, you are actually helping others while we remain unbiased.

Moreover, read this Easy Karaoke song book page in conjunction with the main Easy Karaoke reviews page. Obviously, there you will see the complete disc identity numbers and prefixes. In effect, the Easy Karaoke label is big. Thus, karaoke collectors will have their work cut out collecting all these discs. However, be aware that some tracks have duplicates. In fact, we list most of the duplicates on the Easy Karaoke home page.

Help Other Karaoke Collectors Also

Indeed, to help other karaoke disc collectors like yourself, register and make a comment or two. Indeed, feedback, will help future karaoke collectors decide what is best for them. So, the odd line or two will give others a good start. In fact, we welcome more in-depth comments. But, we also have a rating system in place for those with little time.

Also, as well as joining the Karaoke Shack Blogs, there is the Karaoke Forums too. Furthermore, on the forum, all subjects under the sun are up for discussion!

Finally, if you have any information that will improve the Karaoke Shack, let us know.

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