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Indeed, this is the EZ KEY Karaoke reviews page

EZ KEY Karaoke Series

To begin with, this appears to be a karaoke label that has devoted itself to Christian karaoke. There are indeed, quite a few karaoke labels with Christian and gospel songs. So, what stands out with the EZ KEY Karaoke that makes them worth pursuing?

The EZ KEY Karaoke Series are also mostly 8+8 karaoke discs. In other words, they have eight non-vocal versions at the start of the disc and 8 with-vocals at the end. In effect, you get eight individual karaoke tracks on those.

EZ KEY Karaoke - cd soundtracks classics
However, some have more tracks but all discs have with-vocal songs. Of course, the with-vocal versions can help people learn the songs. Indeed, this could be helpful to many people wishing to learn the songs. Furthermore, we have reports that some of the with-vocal tracks on some discs have no graphics. Of course, further confirmation is necessary.

In the first place, we had one list sent in. After compiling in a decent song book format, we had confirmation from another member that our list was correct. All in all, there are 13 discs** in this EZ KEY Karaoke series. Also, the covers state Klassic Karaoke rather than Classic Karaoke. But, that is just their marketing strategy.

Here is the full list of disc ID’s from the EZ KEY Karaoke series that exist:


** Updated recently because of the information in the comments section.

EZ KEY Karaoke - Christmas disc
EZ KEY Karaoke EZKKK07 Disc Front
EZ KEY Karaoke EZKKK09 Disc Front

To Sum Up

EZ KEY Karaoke EZKKK10 cover

Apparently the discs have The Mansion Entertainment printed on them and their website is still active. Obviously, the EZ KEY Karaoke discs are a speciality series for that little gospel/Christian niche in the market.

In this case, we have plenty of other religious karaoke discs listed on out independent karaoke labels section. However, are these better than the rest?

Furthermore, have you got any of these karaoke discs and would you like to give us a review? Obviously, the information we want refers to the quality of the music and on-screen graphics. In effect, collectors of karaoke always want to know the karaoke content of the various discs. So, your input will help others decide if these EZ KEY Karaoke discs are worth looking out for on the likes of ebay etc. Moreover, you may find them new on the official website.

EZ KEY Karaoke Song Book Also

The EZ KEY Karaoke discs are indeed independent from other labels. Moreover, there is an example image of EZ KEY volume 12 to the right.

Now that we have information about the EZ KEY Karaoke discs, a song list will help. Obviously, we have a song book to accompany those discs in the list above.

In short, click the link below for the PDF File.

EZ KEY Karaoke CDG disc EZKKK12

View The Song Book

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  1. jomarch says:

    They actually have 13 discs numbered from EZKKK01 to EZKKK13

    Here is the ISBN numbers associated to the ones you are missing:

    03 701122523322
    04 701122523421
    07 701122523728
    13 701122533420

    These numbers will help you find

    First the track listing for each disc
    Second on where to buy them if you are interested in getting them

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