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Indeed, this is the Fat Cockerel Karaoke reviews page

The Fat Cockerel Karaoke Series

To begin with, you have to give credit to the producers for the title of this label. However, there is a slight confusion which we shall try and clear up. Firstly, there are the video CD’s with the name Fat Cockerel Karaoke. Secondly, there is the normal karaoke CDG’s with the name Fat Cock Karaoke.

In addition, the Fat Cockerel video CD’s have 10 tracks. However, the normal CDG’s have the same tracks but with an additional four songs. Just to point out at this stage that there are five Fat Cockerel Karaoke video CD’s that we know of. But, only three Fat Cock Karaoke CDG’s that we have reference to. So, was there any other Fat Cockerel Karaoke or Fat Cock Karaoke discs? Since they no longer make karaoke, we believe not!

In brief, we put a shout out for information about the Fat Cockerel Karaoke releases. As a result, we got quite a few replies. So, we were able to put together a disc ID list. Also, we have a comprehensive Fat Cockerel song list.

Fat Cockerel Karaoke Video Disc ID Numbers:

Fat Cockerel Karaoke Video CD - FCVCD01 Back
Fat Cockerel Karaoke Video CD - FCVCD02 Back
Fat Cockerel Karaoke Video CD - FCVCD03 Back
Fat Cockerel Karaoke Video CD - FCVCD04 Back
Fat Cockerel Karaoke Video CD - FCVCD05 Back

Fat Cock Karaoke CDG Disc ID Numbers

FC1 or FC01
FC2 or FC02
FC3 or FC04
Fat Cock Karaoke - FC2 - Front Cover
Fat Cock Karaoke - FC2 - Back Cover
Fat Cock Karaoke - FC3 - Back Cover
Fat Cock Karaoke - FC3 - Front Cover
Fat Cock Karaoke - FC3 - Label


To Sum Up

On the whole, it is up to the individual karaoke jockey how they arrange their song books. Indeed, some include a zero in the disc prefix, some don’t. However, the extra zero added to the disc ID, as shown above, looks better.

Be that as it may, do you own this small set of Fat Cockerel Karaoke discs? Above all, how do these compare to other karaoke disc releases by the other karaoke firms? Indeed, what is the quality of the graphics. Above all, how does the music sound? Also, would you recommend them to other karaoke collectors?

Of course, the Karaoke Shack aims to gather information about all karaoke companies and discs. Obviously, this is in the hope that karaoke disc collectors can benefit when we post it. To put it differently, the information we publish allows other people consider things. Of course, karaoke disc collectors can make up their minds as to whether it is worth looking out for them.

Just to point out, we only ever asked for the karaoke disc ID numbers in the past. However, we feel we need to inform future karaoke collectors what these sound like etc.

Fat Cockerel Karaoke Song Book Also

Now that we have cleared up a slight confusion let’s move on to the song list. With this in mind, we have put both combinations onto one PDF file. In short, click the link below to access the Fat Cock song book.

View The Song Book

Finally, if you have a Fat Cock discs, sing us one and post it in the Karaoke Showcase. Obviously, you can find this in our massive Karaoke Forum (link from tabs above).

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