Forever Hits Karaoke Song Book

Forever Hits Karaoke Song Book - track lists - downloads

Indeed, this is the Forever Hits Karaoke Song Book


Forever Hits Karaoke Song Book

Firstly, the Forever Hits Karaoke series’ is a collection of many discs. Of course, we have all the tracks from them compiled into one song book above. Obviously, read this song list page in conjunction with the Forever Hits Karaoke disc ID and reviews page. Just to point out that we include the odd few Bottom Line Sources discs in the song book too. But, they clearly have the prefix BLS.

Indeed, the Forever Hits Karaoke series has songs originally made famous by the big name stars. Therefore, the song book is full of excellent tracks that we all love. So, inspect the Forever Hits Karaoke Song Book and if you think you would like to try them, do so. However, if you do purchase some of these discs on account of the information here, let us know.

Obviously, these Forever Hits discs are only available on the likes of ebay and Amazon etc. In other words, Forever Hits no longer make karaoke tracks. Therefore, it is difficult to buy brand new sealed discs. However, because they have a massive back catalogue, there are plenty still available on the internet.

Our policy also insists that we keep all reviews totally independent. This obviously means that anyone other than staff may comment on the discs and tracks. So, let us know what you think as well. Of course, you may comment anywhere including the forum.

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