Rules Of The Karaoke Forum Here At The Shack:

To begin with, the Karaoke Forum needs a few rules to keep things running smoothly. However, we will try and keep them short and sweet. Indeed, they are there to help protect our members and other visitors to the Karaoke Shack.

Just to point out that the following few rules are strictly in force:

01) Your posts are indeed your responsibility only. But we reserve the right to adjust them if we feel it necessary.
02) Absolutely no flaming other members or do things that may also make them feel uneasy.
03) Obviously, all members must stay legal at all times while using the Karaoke Forum.
04) Of course, we don't allow sexually explicit images or links to those sort of sites. However, as with anything else, if it's legal we will allow it.
05) Because we are a forum with karaoke at heart, we don't allow extreme images or links to those sort of sites.
06) You must not post links to anything illegal of course.
07) No spam please - we have asked you nicely and we also monitor the site regularly.
08) When you join the forum, you promise to keep up to date with any changes to the rules.


In brief, the following guidelines are there to help. Although we monitor the Karaoke Forum regularly, we may overlook certain posts. However, please remember that the decision of the team is always final.

01) Post in the correct forum, also please try and stay on the topic.
02) Obviously, post new threads in the appropriate forum.
03) We like sentences to be on separate lines, however, your style will never be in question.
04) When posting information from other websites please do not post the whole article. Indeed, use a paragraph at most and then post the link to the article.
05) Smiley replies are welcome but please try and add something else to your post ;)