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What films have you been watching lately ?

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What films have you been watching lately ?

Post: # 7417Post VinylCrazy97 »

Has We Have all been in lockdown . i have been watching these. on dvds and the telly.

National Lampoon's Vacation-1983
And lastnight i watched Pavarotti Film on DVD Last Night , it came out last year in 2019. and i have to say this i bloody loved this film . very moving to i cried at it.

if you've not seen it i suggest you take a little look . :thumbup:

what about you guys ?


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Re: What films have you been watching lately ?

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I watched a film called Melody, it's packed with music from the Bee Gees, it's from the 1960's but it was class, I might get it for the collection.
It's about young love and set in the days when there was no political correctness and health and safety :greenangel:
Karaoke is for life - not just for Christmas :mrgreen:
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