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Does Karma Work On Windows 10?

This forum is all about karaoke hardware and karaoke software of course. So, if you have an issue with your gear or if you need to know more information, then use this section. Obviously if you can help others, all the better.
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Re: Does Karma Work On Windows 10?

Post: # 3841Post James
Thu Aug 18, 2016 1:04 pm

Pebbles wrote:Karma should work on Windows 10 as they have said most programs would.
Go for it.
I have just saw an interesting article about Windows 10 that confirms this.
I am hanging onto Windows 7 as long as I can like I did with good old XP.
One day I may move onto Windows 10 but by then Windows 11, 12 or whatever may be out then :lol:

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