Rules of the Karaoke Shack Classified Advert Forum

In effect, this forum is for anyone looking to buy or sell DJ gear or karaoke stuff etc. However, please be aware you must not post any link to anything that is illegal. This indeed will get the poster an instant permanent ban. So, read the rules!
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Rules of the Karaoke Shack Classified Advert Forum

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Rules of the Karaoke Shack Classified Advert Forum

To begin with, members may post an advert here for anything they so wish. However, if it has something to do with karaoke all the better. For example, you may have a collection of karaoke discs you no longer need. Or indeed you may want to buy a particular karaoke disc or track. Then you may post an advert here, free of charge. By all means post karaoke equipment or DJ gear too.

Of course, we have a set of rules or guidelines for this Classified Forum. However, these rules are in addition to our general rules. We also reserve the right to take down an advert if we think it is not in good taste etc.

01) You are free to post any advert on the Karaoke Shack as long as it is legal.
02) Your posts are also your responsibility.
03) Obviously, any agreement you enter in to is between you and the seller or buyer.
04) In order to clarify things, be totally clear about what it is you are selling or want to buy. So put in as much detail as possible in your original post.
05) Do not post your email address or phone number - this should indeed be via the PM system.
06) Spamming the message boards will never be acceptable, in effect only genuine members can post here.
07) To clarify the main rule - members must not post links to illegal downloads in this forum.

To sum up, the Karaoke Forum at the Shack is including this advertisement category as a complementary addition for members. So, please feel free to use it as you will. However, please note the following statement:

In short, any member who flouts rule 07 will have a permanent lifetime ban immediately.

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